Stagecoach franchisees to take centre stage in new measures to improve network

Stagecoach Performing Arts has introduced a new regional meeting format dubbed ‘In the Spotlight’. It is designed to allow franchisees to come together and share their knowledge, network amongst their peers and collaborate in a way conducive to the improvement of the entire network.

The initiative is a fresh innovation on the brand’s previously held regional meetings, in which franchisees would ask questions to the management team and hear about business initiatives and updates. The new forum has introduced numerous different aspects to the meetings, including the sharing of best practices, discussion of important topics, networking amongst peers and celebrating business achievements and success stories. There will also be a dedicated ‘Spotlight hour’ where franchisees will take to the stage for training and development, intended to give every attendee key takeaways that will influence their business for the better.

Stagecoach is also hopeful this new format will bring its network closer together; the last couple of years has meant that many franchisees have often been left unable to network as they would have liked. Despite ongoing virtual support, the lack of opportunities to come together in person has been naturally challenging to franchisees, especially those newer to the network.

“The meetings are set to take place once a quarter, ensuring there is a constant and steady stream of advice flowing through the network,” explained Andy Knights, joint CEO of Stagecoach Performing Arts. “We’re hoping the regularity of the meetings will also allow opportunities for the actions and suggestions from previous meetings to have their effect assessed and measured in a consistent and therefore productive manner.”

Stagecoach has a number of franchisees who have been with the brand for over 20 years, providing ample opportunity for those earlier in their franchise journey to learn from their breadth of knowledge. The new format for these regular meetings has been designed to also combine knowledge and experience with an injection of fresh creativity, with the chance for learning and innovation to come from both ends of the spectrum, old to new and new to old.

The meetings are to take place in four different regions of the UK, giving every franchisee equal opportunity to benefit from the innovative forum.

“We’re committed to the betterment of our network and our business model, that’s why initiatives like this are so important - to get earnest and responsive feedback that we can act upon and therefore make tangible improvements to every aspect of our business,” added Andy. “The last couple of years have better equipped us to respond quickly to requests and feedback from our network and it is because of our incredible franchisees that we are still regarded as one of the best children’s performing arts franchises worldwide. We’re very excited to be introducing this new concept to the network over the course of the next few months.”

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