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Stagecoach Performing Arts marks a successful start to 2019, as the global children services franchise celebrates four years of consecutive growth for their franchisees. The team has already welcomed seven new franchisees into the network this year, launching franchises in the UK and Germany. With a head office relocation planned, and the recent acquisition by Trafalgar Entertainment (TE) continuing to add value to the brand, the network is thriving in this time of unquestionable uncertainty.

Despite being less than two months into the year, Stagecoach stays firm on this path of phenomenal rate of growth in an effort to secure themselves as the children’s services franchise of choice. According to the recent British Franchise Association (bfa) and Natwest Franchise Survey, franchisees and franchisors remain confident in their own businesses even though they are less confident about the economy overall. In the face of Brexit, many UK-based business owners have felt uneasy and unsure of what the future may hold for themselves, and their employees. In comparison, Stagecoach Performing Arts and its 350 worldwide franchise partners feel secure in their businesses, as franchisee income increased 30% since 2015.

On top of this, as more franchisees opt to engage managers to oversee the operations of their franchise, their overall income has seen an increase of over 40% in the last two years. This innovative system, which was announced at the network’s annual global conference in June 2018, has since been rolled out across the UK. Forty-seven franchisees have already adopted this process, enabling them to offer their students sessions at peak times and allowing for time away from the operations of the weekly schools, to invest in business development and marketing. As of early 2019, 85% of managed schools are at capacity, allowing for more expansion and growth.

Andy Knights, COO of Stagecoach Performing Arts, believes it is innovative processes like these that put Stagecoach at the top of the list for those looking for a children’s services franchise.

“We’re extremely proud of what we have achieved as a network. We have an established system of working with groups of franchisees who meet regularly to review specific areas of our business. They help us shape the future. They are also happy to share suggested innovations with us and we find that this collaborative approach works for all parties. In times of economic uncertainty, it’s incredible to see us go from strength to strength and grow at the rate we have. We’re looking to bring a further 24 franchisees into the network this year and what a better way to start than with four new franchisees in new territories.”

With three franchisees having joined the growing international network, in Berlin, Hamburg and Darmstadt, 2019 looks to be a year of continued growth on a global scale. Since the takeover by TE, the fast-growing live entertainment business specialising in venues, production and live-screening, the brand is able to stimulate the market by offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for students.

“Our relationship with TE Group will provide exclusive casting opportunities for our students,” explains Andy. “On top of this, franchisees can deliver specialised workshops within their franchise, providing additional revenue and opportunities for publicity. In addition to our collaboration with Disneyland Paris and various West End theatres, these are incredible opportunities for our students.”


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About Stagecoach Performing Arts

About Stagecoach Performing Arts: Over the years we have seen more than one million students unlock their potential, which is something they will value for their whole life. At Stagecoach we teach our students so much more than how to sing, dance and act. We help them blossom into well-rounded individuals, ready to embrace life and all its opportunities. With nearly 30 years’ experience in teaching the performing arts, we understand how to get the best out of our young performers. We delight in seeing our students have fun, make friends, learn new skills and discover hidden talents. We encourage them to take ‘safe risks’ through rehearsals and performance, which brings out a willingness to take on new challenges. None of us know what the future holds, which is why it’s so important for today’s children to be resilient, brave and self-assured. Furthermore you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands as we adhere to the strictest child safety policies. About joining Stagecoach as a franchisee: With our 30th birthday in 2018, the Stagecoach model has been proven and refined to become one of the UK’s leading performing arts opportunities. Franchisees build a team of equally passionate and enthusiastic teachers, qualified to bring out the very best in their students. Stagecoach schools provide a thriving, nurturing and supportive environment for creative learning. That’s just one of the reasons why 40,000 children every week flock to classes nationwide. Today, a network of more than 300 franchisees operate over 680 schools offering 1,780 classes in eight countries. Through an exciting and varied framework of teaching and development, franchisees have helped to unlock the potential of more than one million students since it opened in 1988.

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