Start Up Loans partners with LawBite to help UK startups thrive

Start Up Loans which has administered over £65m to businesses will now offer small businesses a combination of both legal and financial expertise from Lawbite, including:

• free legal advice to loan recipients to help with all business related matters – 15 minute consultations for each Start Up Loans recipient

• free Intellectual Property advice (trademarks, patents, etc) – 30 minutes per Start Up Loans Recipient

• 10% discount on other legal services on their website

Commenting on the partnership, Elliot Gold, Corporate Partnership Manager of Start Up Loans said:

“Start Up Loans is focused on improving the journey of an entrepreneur from receiving loan, through to a growth stage. We are delighted to offer our entrepreneurs free legal advice from Lawbite, a company renounced for excellent online legal advise for start ups.”

Clive Rich, Founder and Chairman of LawBite, added:

“We know that a young company can be vulnerable in many ways, and even more so without robust funding, mentoring and legal advice. We believe that by pooling our expertise with that of Start Up Loans, we can provide a rounded package for SMEs and startups in the early days.”

About Start Up Loans

We are a government funded organisation that provides loans and mentors for entrepreneurs across England, Wales and NI. We are starting 40 businesses every day and are set to kick start 60,000 businesses by 2016. We attract all business types, from plumbers to apps, fashion labels to cookies. You name it we've funded it! We are particularly focused on helping olderpreneurs come forward to access the finance along with returning mothers.