Evac One launches to help companies manage the new normal of flexible office working

Evac One is a cloud-based office management platform, for organisations who want a simple way to manage a flexible office-work policy, which as we start to return to the office in the coming months will be the “new normal” of office work. It is available at evac.one

Managing an office has never been harder. The “new normal” as people return to the office will be flexible work: some days spent working at home and some days spent working in the office.

Knowing who is or is not in the office and controlling occupancy is a new and difficult challenge for many companies. Not only do they need to manage occupancy levels, but they need to ensure they adhere to health and safety guidelines. This means socially distanced desks today, but in the future flexible working poses other health and safety challenges. For instance, how do you know whether a trained fire warden is on site in a flexible workplace?

We saw an opportunity to create a product that helps businesses more effectively manage when their employees are in the office and helps office and facility managers ensure they are following correct health & safety procedures.

Evac One’s Office Access feature makes it simple to control and know who is in the office each day. Employees simply ‘book’ what day they want to be in the office, and the system allocates them desks without any work from an office manager.

At the same time, Evac One helps the office manager ensure that they are maintaining a safe working environment through various health and safety features. For instance, an office manager can quickly see whether there are sufficient fire wardens and first aiders on site. Another key health and safety feature during the pandemic is the ability to run an instant contact trace should someone test positive for coronavirus.

CEO Phil Woodward states “Very few companies were ready for flexible office policies, and most remain unsure of how they will manage these policies day-to-day as they return to the office in 2021. We saw that existing office management systems were typically complex, with high price points to justify that complexity. But what most businesses need is something that is affordable, that is simple, and that takes away admin burden from the over-worked office manager. So, we developed Evac One, successfully launching it with several businesses. Evac One is designed for the typical office and to make an office manager’s life easier.”

Evac One has already been successfully deployed by a number of early customers, with the Managing Partner of international consultancy firm Palladium saying:

“We use Evac One across multiple sites to assist us in managing staff attendance at our offices, to contact trace and to ensure that we maintain sufficient first aid and fire warden coverage. While we initially implemented the tool to bolster our COVID-safe environment, we will continue to use it in the post-COVID context due to its flexibility and popularity with administrators.

The app is a game changer - easy to set up and intuitive to use.”

Rhys Morris, Managing Partner (EMEA)

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About the company
Evac One is owned and developed by Steer73 Limited, a leading digital transformation agency that serves some of the world’s largest companies, as well as fast growing SMEs. You can find information about Evac One at evac.one and about Steer73 at steer73.com.

For more information on Evac One contact Phil Woodward at phil@evac.one

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