Greek caterer shows KFC what to do with chickens

Stella's Little Bit of Greece really gives the Chelmsford hospitality sector and KFC a run for their money when it comes to serving up healthy, tasty chicken dishes. Greek food is renowned for being an excellent choice for nutrition purposes and what's more, it's full of flavour, so the traditional Greek chicken gyros served up at Stella's will be sure to arouse yearnings for sunny climes.

A company spokesperson commented: "The atmosphere at Stella's is constantly buzzing from opening to close. To be honest, it's like... round and round the kitchen like a hungry bear...1 step ... 2 step gyros everywhere! We find it hard to keep up with demand at certain times of the day, but we always manage!"

Chicken gyros are popular, sandwich-type meals which are easy to eat by hand. The chicken is grilled and basted on a rotisserie, in typical kebab style, with frequent basting and the addition of plenty of spices. The meat is shaved from the chicken to create the shavings type of delicacy, known as gyros, and served up with delicious, fresh pitta bread and plenty of healthy salads. All the chicken gyros at Stella's are homemade, using the finest ingredients, to create an authentic Greek taste that can't be beaten anywhere around the Chelmsford, Essex locality. When it comes to serving up healthy chicken dishes in Chelmsford, Stella's Little Bit of Greece catering establishment really does beat KFC and other competitors hands down.

Stella's Little Bit of Greece can be contacted on 07762540499 and delivers pre-ordered traditional Greek food and desserts to locations in and around Chelmsford. Local businesses, private parties and charitable functions are just some of Stella's satisfied Chelmsford customers. It's important to note that many of these delicious Greek dishes can take several hours to prepare and cook, so it's important to place orders well in advance.

About Stellas Little Bit of Greece

Stella’s Little Bit of Greece is a unique Greek coffee house and patisserie located on Moulsham Street. Having always enjoyed hosting parties and making the food from scratch, friends and family encouraged Stella to pursue her natural talent and flair for creating dishes inspired by her heritage.