The healthy version of a traditional English BBQ

Stella's Little Bit of Greece underlines Mediterranean health benefits to British barbecue buffs.

Stella's Little Bit of Greece, Essex's leading caterer for Greek food and desserts, has issued a rallying call to British barbecue chiefs as the summer season gets underway.

As Brits everywhere enjoy the option of planning outdoor feasts during the kinder climes, Stella's Little Bit of Greece has used the opportunity to highlight the health benefits which come with 'going Greek'.

The Greek food specialist - which supplies the best fresh and authentic cuisine to office parties, home parties, dinners, lunches and functions around the county of Essex - has urged Brits to ditch the traditional pork sausages and burgers in favour of choices which are more influenced by southern Europe.

By opting for cubes of marinated meat and keftedes, rather than the usual British staples, Stella's Little Bit of Greece has reminded barbecuers that they are cutting out a lot of processed meat and saturated fats which are not conducive to a healthy diet. The clean meat which Greek BBQs use - often marinated in ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, garlic and oregano - not only offers a healthier, less fattening grilled meat option, but it can also taste better and win plaudits from family and friends.

A company spokesperson for Stella's Little Bit of Greece said: "At Stella's Little Bit of Greece, we are big supporters of Greek cuisine, but also of healthy food in general. We want Brits to think twice before putting the same old sausages and burgers in the shopping basket, and consider the benefit of adding lean grilled meat into the equation. You might find that guests are happy for a welcome change to the normal British barbecue choices!"

About Stellas Little Bit of Greece

Stella’s Little Bit of Greece is a unique Greek coffee house and patisserie located on Moulsham Street. Having always enjoyed hosting parties and making the food from scratch, friends and family encouraged Stella to pursue her natural talent and flair for creating dishes inspired by her heritage.