Vit Stix Grow National Reach with Grape Tree Listing

Innovative Bristol based drinks company, Vit Stix, launch into all Grape Tree Health Stores Nationwide

Vit Stix, the single liquid vitamin sachets that simply tear and pour into water to make a refreshing vitamin drink, have agreed a deal with National Health Store, Grape Tree, to further expand their product into the health and wellness sector with a listing into 121 locations and online at

Grape Tree Buyer, Emily Mason commented 'Vit Stix matches our customer profile nicely and we are pleased to be introducing our customers to this product through in store tasting sessions'.

With B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, the product is targeted at the daily vitamin user, as a convenient way to both increase daily vitamin and water intake. Unlike popular effervescent tablets, Vit Stix instantly mix with water, are splittable across the household and have Vitamin D, a vitamin that government guidelines recommend most people supplement throughout autumn and winter months.

Managing Director, Tom Anderson-Dixon, 31, said "After a National listing with Lloyds Pharmacy we saw an increase in sales and awareness of our innovative soft drink that boosts cognitive and physical performance. We're pleased to be working with Grape Tree to offer the liquid vitamin sachets to their growing customer base”.

With 1% of the plastic of a bottled vitamin drink, Vit Stix are also topical on the plastic front, encouraging the use of re-usable plastic bottles whilst also allowing consumers to benefit from vitamins, making them the ideal on the go product for home, work and sport.

Finance and Operations Director, Julia Titcombe, commented “We find many people are looking to cut their plastic usage and opt for Vit Stix as a way to enjoy a refreshing flavoured drink whilst significantly reducing their plastic usage”.

Vit Stix are now in talks with major supermarkets and food service providers to offer their products next to bottled water and within the vitamins and wellness section.


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On a placement year with Marks & Spencer, Tom noticed people of all ages bringing bottles of squash into the catering unit, to make a squash drink at the watercooler. Making a coffee with a pot of milk, he suggested “what if we put squash into these portions and kept them by the watercooler?”… An idea was born!

After successfully launching and running Squash Stix, single portions of liquid squash concentrate, business partners Tom & Julia realised that running a business, exercising & socialising left little time to focus on getting the right vitamins through a healthy diet.

Sharing their issues with others and researching the market, they found that they were not alone, and on the back of the success from Squash Stix, they developed Vit Stix to allow them, and others, to conveniently stay hydrated with vitamins designed to enhance both cognitive & physical performance.

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About Stix Drinks

Squash Stix was the first product launched by Tom Anderson-Dixon. Whilst on a placement year from UWE Bristol with Marks & Spencer, Tom noticed staff members bringing in bottles of squash and taking them to the water cooler. Making a coffee with a jigger pot of milk he commented “we should put squash into these single portions to prevent people bringing in bottles” and alas, an idea was born. Squash Stix are now supplied into hospitals for patients, hotel bedrooms as an alternative to tea and coffee, airlines and offices at across the UK for employee hydration. The addition of Vit Stix has grown the business into the retail sector. Vit Stix are packed with Vitamins B5/B6/B12, C, D and Zinc to naturally boost energy and immunity. They are 99% less plastic than bottled vitamin waters. At 7 years old, the business is growing from strength to strength, and hopes to grow the range across multiple drinks.