Fresh Food, and no Preservatives for a Healthy New Year

Suffolk business, Taste Collectiv, is promoting the health benefits of fresh food as the answer for those who have made their New Year’s Resolution to get healthier.

They point out that additives such as nitrates and sodium, used to preserve foods on supermarket shelves, and sugar to satisfy sweet pallets, have serious health impacts such as raised blood pressure, increased cholesterol and diabetes.

Taste Collectiv founder Mark Robinson comments, ‘We are committed to natural and raw ingredients for all of our produce. All ingredients are freshly sourced and free from additives. There is more than enough medical advice pointing to the harmful effects of e numbers and chemicals in foods that we are doing our part to highlight the value of freshness.’

The recipes of Taste Collectiv are heavily influenced by the natural diet, which has long been recognised as one of the healthiest. Mark from Taste Collectiv is also proud of the ingredients used stating ‘ when you read the ingredients list on our products everyone should be able to understand each ingredient. ‘

‘Fresh, plus natural is as good as it gets for food,’ says Mark, ‘and we are setting the challenge for 2018 for those who have already broken their twice a week gym session resolutions to focus on good fresh Suffolk grown produce as a good and equally healthy alternative’

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