Why high cholesterol is an HR problem

Around six in ten adults have high cholesterol, according to Public Health England.

But most people are unaware they have the potentially life-threatening condition as it rarely has noticeable symptoms.

If we can get more people of working age to understand why it matters, and test their cholesterol levels, we could save many more lives.

As an employer, you can play a really important part in improving the health of your workforce and the general population by encouraging people to have a cholesterol test and act on the results.

So how do we do it?

Using films like the one below, we can raise awareness, get more tests done and reduce the instances of heart attacks and strokes.

Please click on the film below to learn more about cholesterol


The cholesterol charity Heart UK explains:

Cholesterol is a type of blood fat (lipid). We all need some cholesterol in our blood to stay healthy, but too much can lead to serious health problems in the future, including heart attacks and strokes.

Who has high cholesterol?

Anyone can have high cholesterol – even if you are young, slim, eat well and exercise. That’s because high cholesterol can be caused by different things. It can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, but it can be genetic too.

If you have high cholesterol levels, what treatments are there?

If your cholesterol is raised, there are treatments available if you need them. But it's usually possible to lower cholesterol naturally with healthy lifestyle changes.


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