Terra Organica ask customers to choose a planet-friendly cause for their profit donation

At the end of this year, organic and ethical wine brand Terra Organica will be making a significant donation to an environmental not-for-profit as part of their commitment to the 1% For The Planet organisation.

In order to decide where the money is to go, Terra Organica will be running a poll to ask their customers and social media followers which planet-friendly cause they would prefer to see the organic wine brand support. After all, it has been through the sales of their wines that have enabled Terra Organica to make this donation, so who better than the wine-lovers themselves to decide?

Lindsay Talas, Co-Founder at Terra Organica, explains: "We're proud to be able to bring the wonderful wines our winemakers produce to our customers, but organic wine is more than just a great product. There’s a philosophy at the heart of it that says ‘what’s good for the planet is good for all of us’. We want to bring that philosophy to everything we do, and being a member of 1% For The Planet helps us to do this".

"As this is our first year of being members of 1% For The Planet, we haven’t yet decided which cause(s) we'll donate to, and that’s where our customers, friends and followers come in! We'd love to know which of the 1% For The Planet causes they feel most passionately about, so we're holding a poll on our social channels, and in November we’ll announce the good cause(s) that receive the most votes. Our shortlisted charities cover such worthy causes in the areas of Climate, Food, Wildlife and Pollution, wherever our donation goes, we're proud to help tackle the environmental crisis and protect the future of our planet"

The poll will go live on 12th October on Instagram @terraorganicawines and on Facebook @terraorganicawines. Voting is open to anyone who follows the brand, and the donation amount is based on Terra Organica’s total turnover; online and through Ocado, Waitrose and the independent trade. Find out more and shop the range at https://terraorganica.co.uk


Notes to Editors

For more information, to call in samples from the wine collection or to interview Lindsay Talas, please contact firgasesack@publicist.com

Below are the shortlisted causes for the public vote:

Sustrans is a charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle.
We are engineers and educators, experts and advocates. We connect people and places, create liveable neighbourhoods, transform the school run and deliver a happier, healthier
commute. Sustrans works in partnership, bringing people together to find the
right solutions. We make the case for walking and cycling by using robust evidence and showing what can be done. We are grounded in communities and believe that grassroots support combined with political leadership drives real change, fast.
FareShare exists because 1 in 8 people in the UK are living in poverty and a quarter of those who regularly go without meals are children. At the same time, this poverty co-exists
alongside thousands of tonnes of food becoming surplus every day. Food can
become surplus – which means that it is not going to be sold – for simple
reasons such as over-production, labelling errors or short shelf life,
FareShare’s intervention allows us to provide food for over 900,000 people
every week.
Through our 21 Regional Centres, we receive large volumes of surplus food such as fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, cereals and dairy products, where our 1,200 volunteers sort,
log and reallocate it to our partner charities, who turn it into meals for
vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Bumblebees are iconic, charismatic and captivating insects that play a vital role in the lives of us
all by pollinating our crops and 80% of our native wildflower species. Acting
as a useful and powerful indicator of the health of our environment, they bring
enjoyment to those that watch them hurriedly buzzing from flower to flower.
However, their numbers and distribution are declining. Since the Second World
War 98% of our lowland meadow (representing over 3 million hectares) has been
lost to intensive agriculture, urban development or simply neglect, leaving
bumblebees hungry and homeless – causing populations to plummet. The Bumblebee
Conservation Trust was established in 2006 to address the decline of the UK’s
bumblebee populations. We are the only UK charity dedicated entirely to
supporting the conservation of bumblebees and the team have a huge wealth of
knowledge and expertise in bumblebee ecology and conservation. Our vision is to
create communities and countryside rich in bumblebees and colourful
wildflowers, supporting a diversity of wildlife and habitats for everyone to

Our mission at PlasticOceans UK is to stop plastic from reaching the ocean within a generation.
Plastic can be an incredibly valuable material – and in the right context – it can protect people
and help save lives. But, of course, plastic should never end up in our oceans.
Currently, 8.5 million tonnes of plastic reach our oceans every single year.
This is hugely damaging to the marine environment and impacts human health as
well. Plastic Oceans UK has led the way on raising awareness about the impacts of ocean plastic pollution for over a decade. We produced the award-winning documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’,which was praised by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the most important films
of our time” and ignited mass public awareness around the issue. Now, we not only
create awareness of the impact of plastics in our oceans, we develop tools to
help people and businesses take action to stop plastic entering the environment
in the first place. Our work has evolved to focus on the development of
globally credible behaviour change programmes, where participants are
challenged to critically rethink the way plastic is valued, used and discarded.
By developing and promoting these globally credible behaviour change programmes, we aim to
empower young leaders - and everyone across society - to become more “Plastic
Intelligent” and thereby influence their own schools, communities and
governments to affect positive and immediate change.
To learn more, you can watch ‘A Plastic Ocean’ on Netflix or Amazon Prime and view our resources on our Education site.

About Terra Organica

Fifteen years ago, after decades leading wine buying and development for major supermarkets, the co-founders of Terra Organica realised there was still a lack of affordable, good quality organic wine on the shelves. Yes, it could be found but it was often disappointingly poor in quality, or beyond the reach of most pockets. No one was single-mindedly searching out the best organic wines from around the world for people to enjoy.
So, Terra Organica was created to do just that. One umbrella brand for organic, vegan wine.
The Terra Organica team scours the globe to find producers who share their passion for organic growing and winemaking, showcasing them in the exclusive Terra Organica range. These are usually independent wineries or family-run businesses with generations of experience and winemakers who understand how to work with nature, not against it. The result is a boutique range of top quality organic wines that don’t cost the earth. A selection of Terra Organica wines are also available in Waitrose or via Ocado.

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