Instagram fast food craze is getting 200 people leaner every day

Adement that crash diets are not the right route to a toned healthy body, leading body coach Joe Wicks ( has devised a social media based programme to get the perfect body by balancing moderate exercise with good 'fast food' nutrition and is getting a remarkable following of loyal believers. Under the label of 'Lean in 15' on instagram, he has created an epidemic trend of followers centred around healthy meals that can be thrown together in just 15 seconds and cooked in 15 minutes. 'I am no Jamie Oliver,' he says, 'I have no training as a chef, but I do understand nutrition, and how it works with exercise. I started fairly modestly suggesting some sensible meals through Lean in 15, and things have simply taken off. Over 200 new followers are joining every day, sharing their own 'Lean in 15' recipes which are proving transformational to thousands of people'.

With such a recipe data bank, thebodycoach points to the magic top five ingredients:


Iron rich greenery like spinach or broccoli


Olive oil

and Blueberries

Easier, and a bit more private than joining weight watching clubs, 'hashtag Leanin15' is rapidly becoming the fast food for the fitness brigade.

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Having worked as a personal trainer and bootcamp owner for the past 3 years I started to focus my time and energy into Online fitness. Using social media I created something called #TeamLean on Twitter and started to give out free fitness and nutrition advice to people. In just over a year I now have community of 9k followers. I also started some thing called #Leanin15 on Instagram in January this year. I make 15 second video meals which are ready in under 15 minutes and its already got a following of 11k. I have recently created and launched an online digital product called the 90 Day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan and have over 1000 clients currently on it. I am transforming the lives of thousands of people through social media and my online plans and my aim is to keep spreading my message and growing my following so I can launch my own cook book, app and eventually have a TV show.