UK Businesses challenged to remove Inclusion, Diversity and Flexible Working initiatives from Job Descriptions.

Find Your Flex is no ordinary job platform. It is a digital network with a big passion.

Find Your Flex and its Founder and CEO, Cheney Hamilton, represent a diverse and influential community, with established business connections, over 1.3 million monthly followers and clients including the Civil Service, Nestle, ActionAid, National Nuclear Laboratories, Co-op Bank, Covea Insurance, Morrisons and AEG.

As champions and innovators of equality, flexible working for all, diversity and inclusion – our disruptor of the status quo and conventional business thinking Cheney Hamilton, regularly challenges UK businesses to make really ‘small’ changes to their talent attraction and business strategies to Organically build a diverse, inclusive workplace and develop sustainable solutions to complex societal challenges, without the need for flashy and costly campaigns which often change nothing (e.g. the recent CIPD flex From Day1 campaign).

The #OUTPUTChallenge is her brainchild. This Business challenge, asks Talent Acquisition and HR Teams across the UK to remove the people focus of their current job descriptions and only highlight the business requirement, functionality and output required from the roles offered.

Cheney Hamilton states.. "We believe that during this challenge, UK businesses will be creating the most inclusive form of role description available to job seekers. We are asking them to remove the labels that their businesses have attached to their recruitment strategies. Remove the challenge of their bias and take advantage of the talent pool which will open up to them from this new way of attracting talent."

She goes on to state "Inclusion practices have always meant the exclusion of all other groups, this has led to Societal unrest and an increase in work related mental health issues. The #OutputChallenge ONLY looks at the WORK. It removes the questions surrounding Gender, BAME, LGBTQ, Neurodiversity and the many other challenges that recruiters in 2021 face.”

The Find Your Flex platform is so certain that the organic inclusion (to the advantage of everyone - true inclusion) delivered by this challenge, that they intend to ensure all of their clients / employment partners post all of their jobs to the platforms 1.3M jobseeking audience in this way, by the end of 2021.

Notes to Editors

Cheney Hamilton founded Ltd (Trading as the Find Your Flex Network) in 2017.

Over the last 12 months, Cheney has launched a series of innovating initiatives including a new skilling framework aimed at helping workers in less complex roles navigate the transition to digital, empowering underrepresented groups who have lost their jobs due to automation by giving them the tools, motivation and confidence, they need to succeed in flourishing job sectors like technology and digital. Her programmes encourage workers to use these new skills in a green, remote, shared service capacity to offset businesses carbon footprint.

Later this year she will be launching a ground-breaking accreditation programme that will raise the profile of businesses embracing societal change and in 2020 she became a member of the parliamentary 50:50 group, hoping to one day lobby for change from within parliament.

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About The Find|Your|Flex Group

Cheney Hamilton is the CEO & Founder of the FindYourFlex network, she is a noted Thought Leader on the Future Of Work and a member of the 50:50 Parliamentary Group. Cheney advocates the need for careers with #FlexAppeal and encourages the use of output based job descriptions to ensure all bias is removed and a purely Inclusive engagement exists for candidates, increasing applicant diversity. The Find Your Flex network reaches over 1.3M people each month, providing industry insight into many challenging area's of recruitment and people - she also promotes thousands of Flexible UK Jobs.

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