Forum of British Pubs criticises Pubs Adjudicator for focusing on minor issues at the expense of major ones

The pubs representative organisation, the Forum of British Pubs (FBP) has hit out at the Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) for ignoring the major issues that are facing tied pub landlords being unfairly treated by the large pub owning companies, the PubCo’s, whilst becoming involved with, and taking credit for minor issues that have no real impact.

Green King this week have volunteered that they have failed to provide some tenants with meeting notes following meetings with them and their Business Development Managers, a matter that few tenants would be concerned about. Even to the extent of issuing a press release to the effect, the PCA has engaged with Green King on this minor issue, yet key activities that are driving many of the country’s pubs to close are not being adequately addressed in any way.

Matters such as unfair pressure on dilapidations with demands for tenants to spend huge amounts of money to have tenancies renewed, refusal to deliver tied products to help pubs restart, without full back rent and lock down rent being paid, notwithstanding the minimal takings during lockdown, misleading tenants on the Market Rent Only option, and even refusing to renew short term agreements in an attempt to replace existing tenants with higher paying incoming tenants are not getting the focus that they need from the PCA.

The FBP is lobbying hard for the PCA to take action against PubCos who blatantly breach the Pubs Code, put in place to protect tenant landlords, and also for the Government to give the PCA the necessary powers to act.

Dave Mountford, founder member of The FBP says,“ It’s becoming embarrassing when the PCA issues press releases relating to trivial results or information, when the sort of abuses that have gone on for years are being completely ignored

If the PCA is so impotent it cannot deal with the information that we have provided to it, it should say so and ask the Secretary of State to give them the powers they need”

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