COVID-19 EXIT STRATEGY: A Twin Thrust is needed - Vaccines plus Natural Immunity & Vitamin D

PRESS STATEMENT 22 February 2021

COVID-19 EXIT STRATEGY: A Twin Thrust is needed - Vaccines plus Natural Immunity & Vitamin D

The Immunity Institute’s Report detailing a COVID-19 EXIT STRATEGY, with endorsements* from associations representing over 10,000 practising UK doctors, is now with Matt Hancock’s office. The Report and other relevant documents can be downloaded from as can details of the Report’s authors and the Institute’s trustees.

The Exit Strategy requires a complementary and vigorous Public Health initiative to optimise natural immunity in the population by eliminating the shocking level vitamin D deficiency, particularly in the BAME population. The effectiveness of the immune system is critically dependent on an adequate systemic level of Vitamin D. This Public Health initiative must run in parallel with the current vaccine programme. The Institute is confident that this 2-pronged approach will allow a rapid and sustained return to normal.

Natural immunity is active against all viruses, variants and, in particular, new virus strains. A vaccine, however, is targeted against a specific virus. It may be effective against some variants but is unlikely to be effective against new virus strains.

Without much improved natural immunity, given the emergence of new variants of SARS-CoV-2 and possible new strains with a resulting scramble for new vaccines, it is likely, if not certain, that the future will be one of further autumn/winter lockdowns until herd immunity brings Covid-19 under control. And further lockdowns will mean even more damage to the fabric of society and the economy.

The institute is confident that its proposals will have the effect of:

• rapidly reducing the susceptibility of the population to SARS-CoV-2 and variants;

• rapidly reducing the number of those hospitalised, the severity of their disease and mortality, and the requirement for ICU;

• reducing the length of COVID-19 hospital stays;

• allowing the economy to return to ‘normal’; and

• removing the risk of imposing entirely avoidable and repeated future winter lockdowns

NB. No strategy can eliminate this virus – it is now endemic and it mutates rapidly. Furthermore, its base genomic components have numerous animal ‘reservoirs’. But a population that is healthy and Vitamin D replete will be able to resist SARS-CoV-2 and variants or, at worst, suffer symptoms of a cold or mild ‘flu should the virus successfully penetrate beyond the innate immune response within the respiratory mucosa.

The Government must address the problem of ‘VITAMIN D HESITANCY’ among its scientific advisors

For further information contact:

Vitamin D and Medical: Dr David Grimes. T. 01254-240707


Vitamin D and General: Chris Williams. T. 07973-167204 E.

* Endorsements received to date from:

- British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)

- Association of Pakistani Physicians of United Kingdom (APPSUK)

- Our NHS Our Concern

- British International Doctors Association

- Doctors’ Association UK

- British Association for Holistic Medicine & Health Care

- Medical Association of Nigerians Across Great Britain (MANSAG)

- Association of Pakistani Physicians of Northern Europe

For information about the Immunity Institute and Its trustees please go to

Notes to Editors

The 'vaccine industry' has already stated that 'a third jab' may be required to counter SARS-CoV-2 variants. The fact is that this virus mutates so frequently that no vaccine programme could possibly keep up with it - and that assumes that the population wishes to go on being 'jabbed' every few months with a 'vaccine' based on a new and untested medical technology - mRNA - with unknown possible medium/long term effects.
If we wish to get back to anything like social normality it is vital to optimise natural immunity within the population.