Entrepreneurial mother and daughter join forces at The Sound Bank

In the same bank where young entrepreneur Melody used to deposit her businesses daily takings, a new creative collaboration is about to launch in July 2021.

Successful sound engineer and entrepreneur Carla ‘Melody’ Campbell is a well-known figure in the urban music scene, after creating the country’s first pay as you go recording studio, Instant Melodies.

Instant Melodies began in 2004 and reigned for 12 years in which it became a multi-award winning enterprise, working with tens of thousands of young aspiring artists including Big Narstie, Ruth Brown, Tanya Lacey, Lady Stush, Jessie J and Ella Mai. Featured in 2005 on Channel 4 documentary https://youtu.be/IQE6ticn2eY

Over the years Melody’s hard work and dedication led to her continued success. Her philosophical attitude of “You don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you fight for!” became the fundamental driving force behind her new company being able to successfully acquire an ex-Barclays bank building in Kennington, South East London. Despite the logistical and financial challenges that came along with developing the project, Melody raised £250,000 by way of private investment in order to transform the derelict property into a state of the art creative venue. Named The Sound Bank, this exquisite new landmark features two podcast studios, and a photography suite, along with a sound mixing studio and interchangeable spaces for an array of content creation.

Melody’s mother Christine Campbell is a world-class professional milliner with over 35 years experience, who worked at the oldest and most prestigious hat shop before losing her job due to the pandemic. With both women at the very top of their game, it seemed like the perfect time to collaborate. Launching in July 2021, Christine will be creating a range of stunning ladies couture with silk top hat renovations too, all based in her daughter’s building. In fact, mother and daughter will also be collaborating on a bespoke hats range for artists and entertainers.

Championing black owned businesses, this urban creative hub will provide the perfect location for artists of all backgrounds to collaborate, innovate and create. From content creation to millinery to grime recording, The Sound Bank is set to become the perfect home for London’s brightest creatives.

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