This Christmas, give a gift that can't be re-gifted...

CONSIDER Christmases of yesteryear - and how many times you've sneakily re-gifted a dodgy present from a friend or family member. Well, no more - says the founder of a personalised gift service, whose products aren't just winning gifts; they're gifts which can't be re-gifted!

Lauren Holden, AKA The Occasional Reporter - - creates bespoke, spoof newspaper prints for all occasions, writing three, 100% personalised 'articles' about her recipient. This festive season, she's urging everyone to buy a truly memorable gift for their loved ones, which absolutely can't be re-gifted.

Beginning as a hobby born out of a passion for journalism, the fully-fledged business has now gone on to provide its personalised gifts to customers in several countries, including the UK, America and Australia.

Launching in Huddersfield, where Lauren's based, Lauren has even been invited to attend live weddings to capture the day and write about it for the memorable keepsake. One particularly unique creation was ordered to capture one couple’s adventures to date, including

their frightening experience throughout Hurricane Harvey. Andrew Landgraf, from Houston, Texas, USA, purchased the gift for his wife on their first anniversary. Andrew commented: “When our first anniversary was approaching I was trying to think of a clever present to give to my wife. We had been through a lot in our first year and I wanted to be able to capture it all in to something that we could remember forever. I found The Occasional Reporter on Etsy and was very happy I did. l emailed a quick description of what I was looking for and she sent me a questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire didn't take long and I sent a couple pictures to include. She did a great job and my wife loved her gift! The paper was amusing and was able to capture everything I wanted it to.”

A completely bespoke service, the newspaper pages aim to allow consumers to treasure memories in a creative and tangible way. Featuring three separate articles and images, Lauren captures details from a short questionnaire.

Lauren said:“I have spent the last 14 years writing as a journalist and copywriter and creative writing is a true passion of mine. I initially began creating the newspaper front pages for fun; friends and family ordered and loved them, and word of mouth soon spread which has led me to create an e-commerce website and turn it into a business!”

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