Peterborough’s craft drinks bar announces New Year’s Eve 80s event

The Stoneworks bar, in Peterborough’s Church Street, has unveiled plans for a New Year’s Eve party with an ‘80s theme. So it could be time to dust off the shoulder pads, grab a ra-ra skirt or dress up like early Madonna!

The venue is a mixed bar offering an original drinking experience, and its philosophy is that quality beats quantity every time.

Its line-up of beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is always changing, so there’s plenty of variety. Its focus is exclusively on craft lines from carefully chosen brewers.

Meanwhile, its cocktail menu includes a number of classic and modern offerings, served up by the in-house cocktail mixologist. Ciders, wines, spirits and sodas are also served, and bottles can be bought to take home.

Another key selling point is The Stoneworks’ walk-in fridge, which keeps beer at a constantly chilly four degrees, considerably colder than the 12 degrees found in most bars.

Owner Sean Page said: “We’re really looking forward to New Year’s Eve, when we’ll be hosting the best party in town! Come in the most outrageous eighties costume you can find. We’ll also be playing some great hits from the decade.

“We aim to foster a good community spirit here. The Stoneworks is the local bar with an international outlook! The place is really a labour of love, and everyone who works here shares our passion for craft beverages.

“We look after our products incredibly well, so that our beer tastes as fresh as the day it left the brewery.”


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For more information about The Stoneworks contact Sean Page on 07800 804224 or email

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About The Stoneworks Bar

A Peterborough based bar focusing on quality over quantity. Owned by Sean and Steve, the bar was created as a refuge from poorly kept beer. We are passionate about not only selling the best beer the UK has to offer, but also keeping the beer in the best way possible. This means we do things differently to other craft beer bars, which includes only purchasing "cold chained" beer, as well as an in-house 4 degree cold store. We have many connections in the craft beer world, including direct links to brewers, wholesalers and customers. We are happy to talk about anything Bar/Beer/Spirited related. Many people are jumping on the Craft Beer wagon, not caring about its storage / upkeep, we would be happy to provide interviews/content on not only why these sort of things matter, but also the state of the industry as a whole.