New groundbreaking immersive documentary by multi award-winning social entrepreneur

“A brain expanding, mind altering, perception shifting experience.” Netflix

-Pioneering interactive documentary co-produced by neuroscientists and psychologists.

-Proven to reduce anxiety and increase wellbeing, decision making and problem solving.

Tickets are now on sale for Season One of the Uncertainty Experts. A groundbreaking three-part live immersive documentary series that has been shown in academic tests to reduce anxiety, increase empathy and improve decision-making and problem-solving.

Broadcast live: Tuesday 9th, 16th & 23rd November 2021, with three screening times for a global audience 9am, 5pm and 8:30pm GMT. Tickets are £150.

The unique format includes:

3 x live 1-hour sessions online presented by Sam Conniff and his team of Uncertainty Experts - gang leaders who became business leaders, scientists who transitioned gender, refugees who became CEOs, ex-prisoners who are now changing laws and saving lives and many, many more tackling three negative impacts of Uncertainty; Fear, Fog & Stasis

Outside of sessions deeper personal reflection and content is sent including audio notes & prompts, podcasts, video content and / or reading material based on your personal interactions in the show

Anonymous and personalised analysis through your own scientific questionnaire and interactivity behaviour throughout the show that reveals how you handle uncertainty.

Robust scientific measures are taken, before and after, and individuals ‘Uncertainty Tolerance Scores’ are added to their profiles with actionable steps and advice.

Scientific Research

The documentary series has been scientifically proven after a pilot of 500 attendees to reduce anxiety and increase empathy, decision making and problem solving.

“What has emerged from the data is changes in not just skill sets but mind sets. We are seeing actual neuroplasticity* and that is impressive”, there is a clear increase seen over the series of metacognition, how they reflect on themselves. This is huge, as incredibly hard to do outside of therapy courses. Having worked in entertainment, science and education, this is exceptional. Katherine Templar Lewis - Behavioural Psychologist, NeuroScientist

“Participants were shown to be more comfortable with taking advantage of uncertainty. They reported higher positive affective reactions, and lower negative ones. Participants also rated their self-efficacy as higher after the Uncertainty Experts intervention.” Dr Avri Bilovich PHD, Decision Making In Uncertainty Laboratory, Brain Sciences Department, UCL.

Notes to Editors

For more information, details of the research, interview with the experts or hi-res images please email or 07718 986 508.

A press preview of Episode One is available at 19:00 on September 22nd. Please hit reply if you would like to attend.

Editors Notes:
Tickets are available from at £150
Ticket price includes three sessions, attendees pick one time slot to attend across the three dates

Uncertainty Experts ‘ intervention’ Pilot Results

The pilot series was validated as a live experiment designed by researchers at UCL testing people’s tolerance to uncertainty compared against a control group, before, immediately after and 6 weeks later. The results demonstrated a long term, positive transformation of how participants approached uncertainty. In other words, it has been scientifically proven to work.

We saw statistically significant improvements across a range of quantitative dimensions, including need for order and predictability, aversion to risk and ambiguity and emotional association with uncertainty. All these factors directly affect decisions making and behaviour and ladder up to increased creativity, decisiveness, emotional resilience and problem solving. The qualitative data showed the development of metacognition, personal transformation of failure and change from avoidant towards proactive behaviour. The intervention created a psychologically safe space that increased connection and provided an environment that appeared to accelerate self transformation. The results were long term permenant shifts, not just of behaviour but mindsets, powerful neuroplasticity, people rewiring their brains to embrace uncertainty.

About Sam Conniff

Sam Conniff is the Writer, Director and Presenter of The Uncertainty Experts.Having experienced the negative impact of uncertainty at its full force and overcoming it, Sam embarked on a discovery journey to equip people and business with the competence to battle uncertainty and transform their lives for the better.

Sam Conniff is the multi award winning social entrepreneur behind the “Legendary” youth led creative network Livity, the original activist agency Don’t Panic, the world First Interactive TV series; Dubplate Drama, the pan African skills accelerator; Digify Africa and author of the international best selling “Life-Bible”; Be More Pirate. Sam has also been a mentor to thousands of young entrepreneurs, artists, activists and hustlers.

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