The launch of the innovative, national, and technological mobile pet grooming service: TRIMPET

On March 15th, 2021, TrimPet will be launching across the United Kingdom as a web portal company servicing the pet grooming industry, combining both innovation and technology with the world that is Mobile Pet Grooming.

As a service, TrimPet creates a community of qualified and experienced pet groomers who work on a unique one-to one and door-to door basis in their fully equipped mobile grooming vans, going beyond the expectations of pet grooming to guarantee a service that is personal and convenient to both the pets and pet owners. Establishing a business of true animal lovers, who appreciate the value and importance of pets all over the United Kingdom, is what allows TrimPet to consistently deliver a truly special grooming experience.

Although, the brilliance of TrimPet goes beyond the groom itself, and further lies in the TrimPet App. The app in itself, provides a platform that allows customers and groomers to come together at the click of a button. Being a national company, pet owners across the United Kingdom can book a grooming appointment at their chosen location, day and time, use the app as a payment method, as well as a platform to collect points and rewards, stay up to date on the TrimPet Pet advice blog, and connect to social medias. The national platform that is TrimPet, is committed to providing both customers and pet groomers with a technology that creates a community of pet grooming, striking the industry with a platform that combines convenience, quality and opportunity for pets, pet owners and pet groomers across the country.

Founder and Managing Director, Danny Kourosh, is an entrepreneur and businessman, carrying his skills and passion for innovation, success and creativity across his working life. Recognising the value of pets within the United Kingdom, highlighted not only the potential, but the ever-present need for a company like TrimPet, within the Pet industry.

“The evolution of pets in our society, with over 20 million cats and dogs across the UK today, offers great potential and opportunity to those within the pet grooming sector and reveals the desperate need for more than just a grooming salon. When creating the platform that is TrimPet, we were driven by the technological demand for a space that combines owner, groomer and pet, and guarantees the best outcome for each.” said Danny Kourosh, Founder and Managing Director. “TrimPet represents an opening of doors within the pet industry, allowing for a nationwide base that unifies and supplies all that encompasses pet grooming.”

TrimPet is a platform designed to ensure the highest earning opportunities for pet groomers. Going above nearly 40% more than the current national hourly rate, TrimPet allows groomers the freedom and flexibility to focus entirely on grooming and deliver the one-of-a-kind service that TrimPet guarantees. Although a new, up and coming company, TrimPet is forecasted to have 10 to 16 vans operating nationwide by September 2021. TrimPet offers something to the pet grooming market that has never been seen before, and catching the attention of investors across the country, it will defy no expectations in taking the market by storm.

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