UK paraplanning firm TSFP partners with Valenta BPO

Paraplanning firm TFSP Limited has recently announced its partnership with global outsourcing firm, Valenta BPO, becoming its exclusive UK collaborator and the newest provider of its outsourced paraplanning services.

The move is the latest in a series of successful expansion steps for the company, which has offered chartered-level technical and paraplanning support to British financial planners since 2017.

The company has stated that this collaboration will further aid their goal of providing better quality paraplanning support in the UK – an ambition they hope to realise through the recent unveiling of their low-cost paraplanning hub.

The company has modelled its business plan on the ‘centralised remote worker’ setup that is already popular overseas, which developed as a backlash against the lack of paraplanning support that previously existed in Australia’s financial services industry.

Leading to increasing and unnecessary costs for financial planning services’ employees, this did little to reduce the already high turnover that existed in the industry, with many paraplanners using their role solely as a stepping stone toward careers as financial advisers or compliance consultants.

It is hoped the collaboration will help to resolve these issues in the UK too, by attracting the top talent and transforming the way in which such roles are viewed. Indeed, the technology that will now become available to TFSP has the potential to entirely overhaul British paraplanning, turning it from an in-house job to a more remote role.

Valenta BPO is already the largest global paraplanning business in existence, with offices throughout Australia, the USA, and Asia, as well as a presence within the UK – albeit one which they’re looking to expand.

As Tony Slimmings, founder and head of paraplanning at TFSP, explains: “All UK-based financial planners know that Australian financial services have always been at least five years ahead of the UK curve, and it will be no different in relation to the development of the paraplanning function.”

Speaking on the move, Chetan Kasim, CEO of Valenta BPO, added: “There has never been a better time to launch a hybrid solution for paraplanning which gives advisors and firms the best of both worlds in terms of quality and pricing. We are very excited about this new partnership with Tony and his team and look forward to working with them and providing cost-effective paraplanning services to the UK market.”

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TSFP, offers U.K. based financial planners two low cost and effective Outsourced Paraplanning solutions for U.K. regulated financial planners. TSFP was established in 2017 by Tony Slimmings, himself a chartered financial planner for nearly 30 years. The first solution, the U.K. based Paraplanning Hub, uses technology to significantly reduce the time needed for UK based paraplanners to produce low cost and effective Paraplanning solutions. TSFP is also the U.K. partner of one the largest global Paraplanning firms, Valenta BPO, who offer direct access to to an even lower cost, globally based, Outsourced Paraplanning solution. For Journalists Background Information Only - Paraplanning is in essence the process of evidencing product recommendation suitability of the financial planning advice provided by U.K. based financial planners.

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