Turncoat Agency’s ‘Netflix’-style model promises on-demand approach to marketing

New marketing agency, Turncoat, offers an ‘on-demand’ marketing service to give clients greater flexibility at a lower cost.

Based in Manchester, with offices in Leeds, London and Liverpool, Turncoat are a creative collective of designers, copywriters, videographers and VR technicians. They aim to put clients in control of the client-agency relationship by offering an on-demand marketing service.

“We don’t want to tie our clients into long-term contracts, which can lead to complacency,” explains Ben, Turncoat’s co-founder. “We want to give them the freedom to ditch us, so they have peace of mind and we’re always kept on our toes. We want long-term relationships with our clients, of course, but built on their terms. If our clients can leave us at a month’s notice, then it’s on us to be damn brilliant all the time.

“Hey, it works for Netflix; why shouldn’t it work for marketing agencies?”

Turncoat are also waging war on what they consider to be the inflated costs of marketing and creative agencies.

“Agencies charge an average of £86 an hour and only 3% charge £50 an hour or less,” said Ben. “We think this needs to change. By making use of low-cost co-working studios and keeping account management to a minimum, we keep our overheads low, which means we pass those savings on through lower hourly rates.

“I once overhead a client say to an old boss, ‘The days of agencies ripping us off are over.’ And as an agency-side worker, I thought she had a point.

“So the idea of Turncoat was born.”

Turncoat’s focus is on content marketing provision, from brand development and design to video and virtual reality. Members of their collective have worked for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Asda, BP, and Puma.

To find out more about Turncoat, visit their website at www.turncoatmarketing.com.

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About Turncoat Marketing

Formed in 2018, Turncoat are a content marketing agency that utilises a collective of strategists, designers, copywriters, videographers and VR technicians. Headquartered in Manchester, they have offices in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Halifax and Wakefield. Their aim is to provide agency-quality work without the agency price tag. You can find them at www.turncoatmarketing.com and on social media.