Top tips for balancing revision and fun over the festive period

The festive period can, understandably, be one of the most difficult times of year to get focused and be productive with revision. But with January exams fast approaching, it is important to devote some important time to preparing for the upcoming exam season and calendar year. By planning ahead and utilising your time in the holidays effectively, there is no reason that you cannot have a great winter break and be productive in keeping on top of your academics!

Here, the in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor, have provided their top tips on how to make the most of the holidays while not sacrificing having fun.

Work little and often

Set yourself bite-sized tasks to break up the workload to help manage your time more effectively. Doing a little bit consistently and frequently is far more stress relieving and manageable than taking on too much at once. By studying and managing your workload with this method, it will allow you to spend more time with friends and family and take part in festivities.

Take care of yourself

Perhaps the most important tip for studying throughout the festive period is to take care of yourself. The cold weather and stress of revising over the holidays can often lead to burning out. Remember to relax and do what makes you happy throughout the festive period, whether it is getting out of the house, exercising, playing games, or simply just spending time with friends and family. While keeping on top of your workload is vital, and this is certainly an important time of year for it, self-care and time off helps your productivity, wellbeing and motivation.

Prioritise and designate specific study days

Decide which revision content is most important and what you do not want to miss from the holidays! Mark these out in your calendar and revision plans to help you stick to your schedule. Remember, time away from the books is as important as revision itself!

Reward yourself (festive style)!

Sticking to your revision schedule and ensuring the tasks on your checklist are completed is rewarding in itself. But putting incentives in place to make the most of your free time will put you in a good routine and keep you feeling rewarded and motivated throughout the holidays. Considering the time of year, why not festively theme your rewards?

Get the family involved

There is no reason for revision to be a solo activity! And with the holidays being an opportunity for the whole family to spend valuable time together, why not get them involved? Involving your whole family in your revision will keep you from feeling isolated and relieve any stresses you might be feeling while you should, of course, be enjoying the holidays! Make a game out of studying, test each other with flash cards, or discuss your ideas to help you visualise what you’re learning.

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