Local clinical dental technician plans to shake up the home care model in Cardiff and the Vale

Having worked in dental care for 25 years, Stephen Andrews has long been caring for the local elderly community. But now, he is setting his sights on more than just fitting dentures and fixing root canals, as he pursues his passion for providing outstanding care in and around his local community by becoming a source of care provision in Cardiff and the Vale with his new business venture. Stephen has launched Visiting Angels – a care provider that supports people in the comfort of their own homes - to meet the growing demands for exceptional and consistent care delivery and to reward carers for their ongoing commitment and sacrifice to the industry.

In his previous role, Stephen witnessed the stress and pressure undervalued carers feel that has led to clients receiving below-standard levels of care in the area. Now, he is relishing the opportunity to become a provider those in need can turn to, while improving the standards of care in the area and providing better jobs for the industry’s most dedicated professionals. Having lived and worked in Cardiff his whole life, Stephen feels closely connected to the community which has seen him already serve thousands of vulnerable, elderly residents in his previous career.

“Having worked in an environment that showed me the intricacies of the care sector, I now feel compelled to make a difference and to have a positive influence on the standards of care delivery in the area,” explained Stephen. “After 25 years in a position that enlightened me to how much pressure the industry is under, I’ve seen how those in need might have been neglected by carers who feel undervalued and mistreated themselves. I feel so closely linked to the community and those who will benefit from Visiting Angels’ fresh, revitalising approach to in-home care.

“This isn’t just a business for me. I’m bringing the first Visiting Angels and the concept of carer-centricity to Wales so I can look after my carers, pay them fairly and make sure they get the credit they deserve. We’re the answer that vulnerable members of the community are searching for - they no longer have to be uprooted from their homes and leave the environment they feel most safe in to receive attentive care.”

Thanks to their ‘carer-centric’ approach, Visiting Angels has already been making a difference in other parts of the UK. In fact, their staff turnover rate is just 12% - nearly six times lower than the industry’s all-time high average of 64%1 – something Stephen expects to repeat at his local branch. Companies that prioritise the wellbeing of their staff see an improved level of service for clients in need, with carers feeling valued, protected and respected for their ongoing commitment to an industry in serious need of reform. By providing carers with official contracts of employment, paying for time between home visits and fairly subsidising milage in line with the rising prices of fuel, Stephen is acting on issues that have been damaging the reputation of the in-home care sector for years. These policies, combined with an unwavering drive to take pressure off families in need of their services are all ways that Visiting Angels raises the standard of social care across Cardiff and The Vale’s communities.

“It’s become all too common for carers to leave the industry all together as opposed to finding a better opportunity. It’s vital that carers know we’re here to make them feel valued and rewarded again – if I can help carers feel truly happy in their roles, our clients will equally benefit. I’m so proud to be opening employment opportunities in the area – over the next three years, I hope to have at least 100 carers in the team. We’re ambitious for a reason – Visiting Angels is the future of care provision in Wales,” added Stephen.

In its mission to meet the growing demand for exceptional care providers as social care waiting lists rise by 37% in 6 months2, Visiting Angels is setting a precedent and truly making a difference for those who need attentive and high-quality care in the community. For more information, visit https://www.visiting-angels.co.uk/cardiff/


Notes to Editors

For more information or to speak to Stephen directly, contact Harry on 07519 963513 or email harry@revpr.co.uk
Image: Stephen Andrews, Managing Director of Visiting Angels Cardiff and The Vale

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2Mithran Samuel, 2022, Social care waiting lists up 37% in 6 months, finds ADASS

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In 2017, the Visiting Angels brand came to the UK under the expert leadership of Dan Archer. A franchise veteran and passionate ambassador for quality care at home, Dan launched the first UK office in October 2017. In less than 12 months, Visiting Angels Sheffield proved to be one of our most successful new franchises. Ever. Dan and his team were awarded ‘Best International Office’ at our 2018 Annual Conference in recognition of their exceptional performance and commitment to the Visiting Angels UK mission. Most care businesses, and in turn, most care franchises, will tell you that they put their clients first. And whilst we don’t disagree with the sentiment, we take a slightly different view on how to achieve it. We believe that to truly be successful in this pursuit, and to change the future of social care in the UK, we must actually put our carers at the heart of the business. For without them, there is no business. We describe this approach as "carer-centric".

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