Local in-home care business taking necessary action in Doncaster and Bassetlaw

After enjoying a busy, diverse corporate career in management, banking and more, Julie James has set her sights on the challenge of delivering high-quality care in the local community. Her in-home care company, Visiting Angels, has launched in the Doncaster and Bassetlaw area to raise standards for both care staff and those who receive care in their homes.

Understanding the need for such services, Julie’s personal experience with those closest to her has motivated her to make high-quality care as accessible as possible for anyone with additional needs. By aligning her own goals with Visiting Angels’ commitment to providing a positive care experience to those in need, Julie believes that combining this with her valuable experience being a carer herself will open a new door for the care industry.

“I feel really ready to get going on this new chapter. Having recently received my CQC registration, it feels real now, and I’m motivated to employ my ideas to help move the care sector forward. My experience in care is varied. I have an honours degree in psychology and mental health, have worked in residential care and have extensive financial and managerial experience. So, I understand what pressures different employment roles can bring, and I will be able to support my Angels to support your loved ones and in turn, you.

“Being a local to the area myself, I feel it’s my responsibility to use my experience for this. And Visiting Angels will give me the springboard needed to propel the quality of care in the area to a higher standard than it’s already operating at. I want to focus on supporting people in the community who can experience hardship when faced with the responsibility of caring for a parent. The constant pressure of being responsible 24/7 is stressful and something you can never be prepared for, so I want this venture to give people in that position the chance to enjoy themselves again and take advantage of some well-earned respite, while knowing their loved one is in the best hands,” explained Julie.

Visiting Angels’ ‘carer-centric’ approach sets them apart from other companies in the home-care sector. Carers working for Visiting Angels can feel valued and respected for their commitment to the industry. Through both financial rewards and opportunities for career development, Julie and the Visiting Angels team are determined to address existing issues surrounding the industry, which often leaves carers feeling little to no appreciation.

Registered care manager Keely Hardman has spent over 11 years working in the sector and looks forward to bringing her rich experience, competency and calm to the role.

“Having worked in community care, residential care homes, end of life and complex care, as well as in-home support, I believe that this role will allow me to project my understanding of the industry onto our team. We are all incredibly passionate about delivering the best possible care experience to anyone who needs it, which motivates us more to support one another and the community. The training we provide equips our Angels with the ability to provide the highest-quality person-centred care to clients. And in an ever-changing world of developing needs, the strong, trusting relationship we build with the community allows us to adapt to any situation.”

Visiting Angels Doncaster and Bassetlaw is there for families who have loved ones that require professional support. For more information, please visit https://www.visiting-angels.co.uk/doncasterbassetlaw/

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In 2017, the Visiting Angels brand came to the UK under the expert leadership of Dan Archer. A franchise veteran and passionate ambassador for quality care at home, Dan launched the first UK office in October 2017. In less than 12 months, Visiting Angels Sheffield proved to be one of our most successful new franchises. Ever. Dan and his team were awarded ‘Best International Office’ at our 2018 Annual Conference in recognition of their exceptional performance and commitment to the Visiting Angels UK mission. Most care businesses, and in turn, most care franchises, will tell you that they put their clients first. And whilst we don’t disagree with the sentiment, we take a slightly different view on how to achieve it. We believe that to truly be successful in this pursuit, and to change the future of social care in the UK, we must actually put our carers at the heart of the business. For without them, there is no business. We describe this approach as "carer-centric".

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