The Robot that watches over your home while you sleep.

For over fifty years, the traditional way to protect yourself has been locks and a burglar alarm. But alarms have problems; they only really work when you are out of the home—otherwise, the sensors trigger when you move around, sending the response on a wild goose chase.

But the risk has also changed. Thieves no longer worry about the noise they make, and response to an intruder alarm is at the lower end of Police priority, often in a queue of ten or more. Police response sometimes limited to calls where "intruders are on the premises", something only the most significant business customers can afford.

Also, it's not just things inside that are valuable. Increasingly Cars are stolen to order, and it seems, no matter how good the locks are, it only takes a few minutes for a determined thief to get away with it.

It's almost as if you need to have a guard on duty patrolling the outside of your house.

Now you can. VSaaS.Cloud - Video Surveillance as a Service is a completely robotic system that can protect your home from the outside without the high cost of a guard. Designed by Security Industry Veteran Chris Berry, the VSaaS Robots look at CCTV. They protect your home by intelligently analysing what they see and then calling you in the same way that an expensive monitoring system would do.

Says Chris, "I sold my alarm monitoring business many years ago and moved into software development. But, I always had the same problem at home: protecting the family and my things. I was never happy with the burglar alarm and CCTV annoyingly just recorded activity.

We suffered a loss by burglars that didn't care what they did, and we were at home.

In 2015, one of our engineers came to me with an algorithm that detected humans (and other objects) from CCTV images, so we decided to invest. As a technical group, we have built a fully robotic home protection system that outperforms humans doing the same job. It calls when it needs to and is easy to use. It's everything I wanted in over forty years of thinking about how to build something that adequately protects.

I use it, take it from me. It works!"

VSaaS.Cloud is used to protect some of the country's most valuable properties, both residential and, in some cases, museums.

Notes to Editors

VSaaS.Cloud is a privately owned company developing software and algorithms in the United Kingdom that is sold and used Worldwide.

It is a spinoff from

VSaaS - Used in over 100 countries, Video Surveillance as a Service describes a way to send CCTV images on demand to the cloud, used by the financial sector and other high-security applications for "intruder on the premises" verification of unauthorised activity.

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About VSaaS.Cloud

VSaaS Cloud (Video Surveillance as a Service) is the World's first fully automated alarm and event system for homes and small businesses. Using a trained machine learning algorithm and a series of robots (bots) the VSaaS system provides a combination of applications/software and automated voice systems to keep your home or business protected from the outside. Before bad people get a chance to break-in to property, the Police*NPCC* estimate that burglar alarms dissuade 70% of would-be intruders. VSaaS protects against the 30% who do not care if you have an alarm or not. VSaaS was launched in May 2014 and is the brain-child of Christopher Berry a 35 year veteran of alarm monitoring stations and automation. Following successful use in Europe, VSaaS formally launched in the UK in October 2020. You can contact VSaaS at