UPS blames Brexit and HMRC for week long delays from Far East for new business.

VSaaS.Cloud launched in December. It provides an advanced home security system that uses smart cameras and robotics to protect homes or business from the outside before the bad guys get in. Sales have been sound, spectacular even. A success in the midst of a pandemic.

With the increase in installations VSaaS.Cloud found it necessary to bring forward planned deliveries of key components.

The business contracted with UPS to deliver these from suppliers in the Far East.

Christopher Berry, Chairman explains.

"VSaaS.Cloud is a robotic system, we build a system that communicates with mobile technology to provide a new way of sending panic alarms. For that we need a Far East component, a "micro-chip" that is not available in the UK, or indeed Europe.

Being based close to the UPS hub at East Midlands Airport, we decided to ship using them. Our first deliveries, all before Christmas, went without a hitch.

With increasing sales, the business ordered more of our vital component. In association with our supplier, we planned for the 26th of January and presented to UPS in good time. We were paying a little extra for express service. True, it is time critical, but we had not anticipated the demand for our product. Luckily the supplier had the next batch ready to go.

Tracking is excellent; it allows us to monitor the deliveries in transit.

The warehouse personnel watched as the parcel winged its way to Europe in just eleven hours.

It then arrived at East Midlands Airport and promptly went back to Frankfurt and returned? Curious, maybe a mistake.

With delivery now due by 12.30 on the 27th of January, the warehouse waited, one day late, no big deal.

With the scheduled delivery time expired the business called UPS, and here is where our problems started. For a little short of forty hours, staff waited, we were in a queue.

Finally, we got an answer.

"You need to call the sender and get them to give more contact details to the local UPS agent".

By now it is Monday the 1st of February.

Strange, we can see the documentation on the website, and all our contact details are there. But, anyway, we did.

We waited, no one called. So we called UPS again. And after another ten hours or so we got another answer.

"It's in brokerage, let me transfer you."

Transferring was an error. Because after over four hours, no one answered.

Now it is Tuesday; we try again. Another hour and half of waiting, the staff once again tied up.

"It's in brokerage, let me transfer you."

Before we could even say, please no, can you deal with it? We were gone, back into the black hole that is customer service.

We waited and waited, determined this time to hold until answered. And then, click, "sorry for the delay (no mention that it was an additional hour).

"Your delivery is held because of Brexit.

"But, it's from the Far East?" my people told UPS.

"Well, HMRC is holding everything up, they don't seem to know how to deal with the backlog".

"But, it's from the Far East!" we reiterate, "what has it to do with Brexit?".

"I know, but your delivery is in a queue, you'll just have to wait." And that was it, the dreaded click, and we are disconnected.

At the moment the delivery is still on hold at East Midlands Airport. A week after it is due to be delivered.

I hope our clients understand. I am not sure they will."

"VSaaS.Cloud was prepared, I am not sure UPS or HMRC were!"

Notes to Editors

You can contact me Christopher Berry, Chairman VSaaS.Cloud on 07779 795524.

It is now Wednesday 3rd February and still nothing from UPS.

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VSaaS Cloud (Video Surveillance as a Service) is the World's first fully automated alarm and event system for homes and small businesses. Using a trained machine learning algorithm and a series of robots (bots) the VSaaS system provides a combination of applications/software and automated voice systems to keep your home or business protected from the outside. Before bad people get a chance to break-in to property, the Police*NPCC* estimate that burglar alarms dissuade 70% of would-be intruders. VSaaS protects against the 30% who do not care if you have an alarm or not. VSaaS was launched in May 2014 and is the brain-child of Christopher Berry a 35 year veteran of alarm monitoring stations and automation. Following successful use in Europe, VSaaS formally launched in the UK in October 2020. You can contact VSaaS at