What happens when burglar alarms don't work?

In the UK the NPCC (National Police Chief Council) say that burglar alarms deter 70% of potential intruders, maybe it's the 30% that should concern you. With kidnapping and extortion on the rise, perhaps it is time to rethink how we protect ourselves?

An East Midlands based business leads the World with advanced security for the home and business and has a modern solution to an age-old problem.

Everyone knows how stretched the Police are. Response times to calls for help are often hours rather than minutes, and it's all because burglar alarms don't work. The numbers of false alarms generated by systems have reduced, but traditional sensors still create over three hundred thousand false alarms every year.

The problem is they are too difficult to use, or ineffective when designed.

You cannot arm a typical burglar alarm when you are in the house, without having expensive wiring to every door and window. Pets and humans both trigger sensors when moving around, and that is just the time when you need protection.

It is also difficult to protect the things you leave outside. The stuff you cannot squeeze through the letterbox, cars, motorcycles and even garden furniture.

VSaaS.Cloud uses smart cameras, developed for the purpose, and the World's first automated monitoring station to detect, analyse and warn users of unauthorised activity outside. False alarm free.

Warnings are received not only by an app, but also a robotic call centre that will monitor not only a response but send audible alerts to warn off potential bad guys. It works, not only the theory but in practice as well.

Christopher Berry, a systems designer with over 35 years experience at both national and international level, says this.

"VSaaS.Cloud is the culmination of all my experience. All the pain and tears of trying to make intruder alarms better at doing what they are supposed to do. I have it at home, and we now feel safe. For the first time, because I know just how bad intruders can be".

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About VSaaS.Cloud

VSaaS Cloud (Video Surveillance as a Service) is the World's first fully automated alarm and event system for homes and small businesses. Using a trained machine learning algorithm and a series of robots (bots) the VSaaS system provides a combination of applications/software and automated voice systems to keep your home or business protected from the outside. Before bad people get a chance to break-in to property, the Police*NPCC* estimate that burglar alarms dissuade 70% of would-be intruders. VSaaS protects against the 30% who do not care if you have an alarm or not. VSaaS was launched in May 2014 and is the brain-child of Christopher Berry a 35 year veteran of alarm monitoring stations and automation. Following successful use in Europe, VSaaS formally launched in the UK in October 2020. You can contact VSaaS at info@vsaas.cloud.