Is your team Psychologically Safe? North East based company Drummond HR launches the first results from reporting tool which measures and analyses the fundamental components of Psychological Safety.

World Mental Health Day raises awareness of mental health issues and enables us to advocate against social stigma, the day provides an opportunity for companies and organisations to highlight the fantastic work they are already doing but also to introduce new activities, targeting resources where they are going to be most significant in value.

Team Works, launched under the new Wellbeing Works brand is an innovative, validated diagnostic reporting tool that measures and reports on Team Psychological Safety. It has been the subject of a five-year research project validated by Newcastle University, it is the subject of a peer reviewed article in the European Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 2018.

Peter Davidson, Chairman said: “With my professional background in Corporate Insurance, Risk Management and Non-Executive Roles, including Health and Social Housing, I have full appreciation of the importance of creating a workplace environment that is safe for all colleagues.”

Hamish Moore, Managing Director said: “We believe at Wellbeing Works that for teams to function effectively they need to have a high level of Psychological Safety. Staff should be able to hold and express an alternative opinion. It should be safe to ask for help. Work demands, skills and capacity should be in balance. Work relations should be constructive and supportive. It should be safe to be in a minority of one. Managers and Leaders actively protect and enhance the mental health of their teams.”

“Team Works has enabled us to improve staff wellbeing levels significantly, enhance our staff retention levels and reduce our operating costs. We saved £600K in the first year”

Ian Seddon, Assistant Director of Facilities Management, Manchester Metropolitan University

Team Works uses the unique Thriving, Hiving and Surviving® analytics to wellbeing insight:

Thriving – Teams are likely to be Psychologically Safe

Hiving – Teams have impaired levels of Psychological Safety

Surviving – Teams are at risk of avoidable Psychological Harm

The reporting system allows you to select a team (from 5 upwards) to answer a series of 39 questions. This takes no longer than 3 minutes. Team Works provides detailed analytics of the team’s level of Psychological Safety; Thriving, Hiving or Surviving® analytics for the team, detailed commentary on the Team’s Psychological Safety data and a set of bespoke practical recommendations to raise Psychological Safety levels in the team, which can be delivered in-house or with our assistance.

Team Works is an ideal tool for those who seek to improve not only the Psychological Safety of teams but also the overall wellbeing of teams, the level of engagement within teams, team productivity, reduce absence and presenteeism, improve quality and overall Team Performance.

David Skipsey, Developer and Training Consultant said: “Thriving teams are more likely to be psychologically safe, where-as teams which display psychological harm are unlikely to thrive.

Training is provided to develop a practitioner level understanding of psychological safety, how to measure it and how to use the tool to improve it at a team level.”

“The data and reports have enabled us to transform how we work in the Emergency Department to the benefit of both staff and patients. We are now rolling this out across all our Emergency Care Departments”

Dr. Malik Ramadhan OBE, Chairman of Emergency Care for St Barts NHS Trust.

Business Development Consultant, Erica Legg said: “It’s a superb tool for businesses to use especially when Staff Wellbeing is a really hot topic at the moment, it has so many fantastic uses and can be used in so many different industry sectors, I’m looking forward to supporting our license holders to grow and develop their businesses as they start to produce the reports and provide some great interventions to enable Teams to Thrive”

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About Wellbeing Works

Wellbeing Works is a performance, engagement and wellbeing consultancy firm, specialising in creating work environments that enable people to thrive. We use data driven analysis and evidence-based solutions to help our clients, organisations like yours, to achieve optimal performance by improving their employees’ Pyschological Safety, wellbeing and engagement.