Liberating the Creative Voice: Sir John Hegarty Announced as Chairman for Whalar

The online platform for ‘creators with influence’ has gained the seal of approval from Facebook, Instagram, Snap, R/GA Ventures and now, Sir John Hegarty for its commitment to content.

Whalar’s mission is to ‘Liberate the Creative Voice’. That means only working with the very best creators to produce the very best campaigns. Within just 18 months, Whalar has worked VisitDubai, Farfetch, 20th Century Fox, Heineken and more. It is the only service of its kind that is a partner of Facebook and Instagram, and has gained investment from RGA Ventures and Snap. And now, Sir John Hegarty, the advertising super heavyweight; founding partner of Saatchi and Saatchi and BBH, has been announced as their Chairman.

“Why did I become Chairman of Whalar? To be a market leader. To stand for integrity and openness. To develop a code of practice for how the influencer industry is seen. To work with the best influencers - because we’re the best. We want to help them build and develop their relationships with their followers. But most of all we want to liberate the creative voice in all of us. For our clients, our influencers and for our business.

That’s what excited me and I hope excites all of you. The future is creative. We want to be building it. Who wouldn’t want to be Chairman of that?” Sir John Hegarty, Chairman, Whalar

About Whalar

It was on Necker Island that the penny dropped for Whalar’s founders, Neil Waller and James Street. Surrounded by the most successful entrepreneurs and ecommerce businesses, they realised they had one thing in common: great content made by creators with loyal audiences. That very week, they turned their idea into a reality, and Whalar was born.

Almost like a dating service, the site’s smart algorithm helps brands to find creators to collaborate with. All creators on the platform are vetted so that brands only work with the very best. You’ll find the likes of: @humphreyandgrace, renowned for her beautiful floral imagery, @paperboyo who’s paper cut outs are out of this world, and @qmike who likes to live the high life with his levitation photography.


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About Whalar

Whalar is an influencer marketing company on a mission to 'Liberate the Creative Voice'. We're focused on leveraging technology to provide a new operating model for producing high quality creative work, accessing engaged audiences and gaining diverse consumer insights. We do this globally, with full transparency on every cent, in a fraction of the time it has traditionally taken and at a fraction of the cost. We're the Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat official partner for influencers, have advertising legend Sir John Hegarty as Chairman and work with global brands like Unilever, Diageo, Estee Lauder, Nike, Apple and Ralph Lauren. The quality of creative and scalability of our model is always what blows people away so please see if for yourself by checking out