What is Truth celebrate highly anticipated new platform launch

What is Truth (WIT) announced the launch of its groundbreaking platform, bridging the gap between academic research and the mental preparation needs of combat sports athletes.

Focused on grappling sports, WIT provides a modern tool for individuals to enhance their mental strength, tournament preparation, and overall success in the field. As Mental Health Awareness Week took place from May 15th to May 21st, 2023, WIT wanted to empower athletes with personalised mental practices for sustainable and efficient training.

Unlike mainstream approaches, WIT takes a tailored approach to guide fighters in developing their own mental practices, catering to their unique needs and goals. The founder noticed there is intense concentration on physical preperation for fighters, but no support or substantial guidance available for mental preparation.

By integrating knowledge from neuropsychology, sports science and cognitive sciences, the platform offers a multidisciplinary perspective to enhance the mental well-being and performance of combat athletes.

Founder Ydus, a counsellor and author with a background in life sciences, has dedicated over 15 years to understanding the psychology of well-being. Having competed since an early age, Ydus witnessed the profound connection between mental battles and physical combat during a grappling competition. This experience inspired the creation of WIT, with the vision of providing the missing support for athletes to reach their competition goals.

"We are thrilled to launch What is Truth (WIT) as a comprehensive mental support platform for combat sports athletes," said Ydus, Founder of WIT. "By merging academic research with practical needs, we empower fighters to cultivate their mental strength and achieve steady success in the grappling arena."

WIT offers mental training courses and tournament preparation specifically designed for martial artists. To learn more about the platform, its core values, and the differentiators that set it apart, visit the website at https://whatistruth.life/.

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