Every table tells a story...

Meet the friends who make beautiful eco-friendly furniture from wood with war wounds.

Pieces of shrapnel from WW2 bombs, giant holes made by hornet nests and fractures caused by lightening strikes are just a few of the unique markings you’ll find in furniture made by Revive Joinery in East Sussex.

Friends Ed Gunter and Jon Neal, who both quit their day jobs to start the company, see the beauty in what others view as undesirable. They know the history of every piece of wood they use and work with a team of trusted arborists and sawmills.

“We minimise waste as much as possible with every one of our designs,” says Jon. “Trees grown sustainably on our own door step have a treasure trove of features, imperfections and character that we love to enhance.”

Ed adds: “Using sustainable materials isn’t just about the beautiful slabs themselves. Well-managed forests also have a positive impact on biodiversity. In a world of mass produced items, our clients appreciate that their unique purchases don’t harm the environment.”

Before starting Revive Joinery in 2013, Ed was a digital designer and Jon was an Army Officer who also spent time working in Specialist Operations at Scotland Yard. They each experienced trauma of their own and this was the catalyst that prompted them to start Revive Joinery. Chris Scott-Smith, joined the company in 2018.


River Table - from £3300 plus VAT. The large table is made from English Walnut slabs with vintage Brighton Pier decking used as ‘Butterfly’ keys to fix the splits. The ‘river’ is made from glass. The smaller Oak version is made from 400-year-old Sussex trees and the river is made of a plant-based resin. Large table measures - 4.5m x 110cm long. Smaller table, 8 seater, measures at 215cm x 90cm

The Glacier Coffee Table - £1,200 plus VAT. Made from sustainable oak that was sourced near Loch Lomond and milled at a Sussex sawmill. The glacier effect is made from a plant-based resin.

Live Edge Banquet Table - £3750 Plus VAT. This is made from sustainably sourced Sussex Oak and measures 3m x 120cm.

Click here for high res images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4lczl0aclyy6gmj/AACNR3Rma1ntKdrsLw1g2K0ja?dl=0

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