Zero Carbon Capital fights climate crisis with new EIS Fund investing in scientific innovation

Zero Carbon Capital is excited to present the Zero Carbon Fund, a brand new EIS fund investing in UK-based early-stage companies that will help solve the climate crisis.

“The climate crisis is an urgent and existential threat to humanity,” says Pippa Gawley, Managing Director of Zero Carbon Capital. “Tackling this global challenge requires big technological innovations that can dramatically reduce net-carbon output. The companies that will invent and commercialise the next wave of those technologies are being created now, and need seed capital to grow.”

The Zero Carbon Fund offers qualified investors a tax-efficient way to make long-term investments UK-based teams commercialising scientific innovations that could scale to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half a gigaton per year. The contributions of these teams will be key to achieving UK and global net-carbon targets.

The Zero Carbon Capital team has deep experience in the cleantech space and a unique perspective on the opportunity through its global network of contacts. “We’ve been angel investors in this space in both the US and UK for several years now,” explained Pippa. “We have seen first hand the rise in demand for capital along with the ever more apparent impact of climate change. We believe that companies that make significant contributions to our zero-carbon transition will be highly valuable as the financial landscape is fundamentally rewritten by climate risk.”


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About Zero Carbon Capital Ltd

Zero Carbon Capital is on a mission to accelerate the adoption and commercialisation of the deep scientific innovations needed to solve climate change. The Zero Carbon Fund is an EIS fund investing in early-stage companies on a mission to address climate change through technology innovation. We invest in ambitious teams with breakthrough ideas that can scale to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half a gigaton per year and deliver long-term value.

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