Estate agent with interior focus explains why it’s better by design

A London-based estate agent has outlined its services and stressed the factors that set it apart from its competitors.

Aucoot works all over the UK, and will consider selling properties whatever their age, location or architectural style, from traditional houses to those with a modern feel – regardless of whether it follows any specific fashion or trend, or whether a home has been worked on by an interior designer or thoughtfully crafted over many years.

Unlike other estate agents, Aucoot doesn’t do the usual photos and standard property descriptions. It’s based on the philosophy that a home’s character is vital, not least when the time comes for it to be sold. The emphasis is on the importance of strong design.

So the agency’s photography, for example, is aimed at highlighting a place’s beauty rather than its functional purpose, while the accompanying marketing package is aimed at a design-literate audience which shares the same aesthetic values.

Meanwhile, prospective buyers have access to some of the country’s most beautiful and interesting residences, including in styles and locations that many have not previously thought about.

Aucoot’s owner and director, John McDavid, said: “Put simply, our buyers and sellers really value good design – and so do we. What matters to us is how design communicates a cohesive feeling of character and beauty. We appreciate the vital importance of thoughtful, well thought out marketing and like to think we present properties with the same respect and care that have been invested in creating them.

“And our would-be buyers are exposed to homes with envious interiors, which have been beautifully designed and executed.”


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