Beecher Madden proud to sponsor The Zero Hour Podcast featuring CEO, Karla Reffold

The Zero Hour podcast, proudly sponsored by Beecher Madden, is a podcast that “gives you the insight, techniques and tools into top guests from the cyber security, governance, forensic and data world” by Karl Sharman, a recruitment consultant and event co-founder.

In the most recent episode of The Zero Hour, Karl talks to Karla Reffold, the founder and CEO of cyber security and corporate governance recruitment company, Beecher Madden. The company, which was sold to Nicoll Curtin in October, has presence in the UK, Europe and America, with the New York office shortly expanding. Building the company over the last six years while also being a single parent to two young children, Karla discusses top tips for anyone considering recruitment as a future career choice or career change.

The podcast finds out more about Karla, her family, childhood and her career progression from university to recruitment.

She also talks about the biggest trends in cyber technology and corporate governance such as salary stagnation: “Salaries are the big trend and the big area to be focussed on. Salaries, at all levels, really jumped up a couple of years ago and I think since about 2015 they’ve probably stagnated and apart from and the very, very senior end where it’s gone through the roof. At the middle senior management levels, it’s stagnated, and candidates aren’t happy that stagnation. There’s still a lot of demand for those people so I think 2018 might be the year that that changes again, and we see a bit of salary growth.”

She also explains the increased competition for roles in cyber security as companies gain a greater understanding of cyber technology: “The other trend that’s really come to play this year is that companies are really particular now about what they hire. Maybe 2-5 years ago if you had cyber on your CV and couple of other qualifications, or maybe not even that, you’d probably get the job and you’d probably get a 25% pay increase on what you were earning because people were just desperate to hire you. Now people actually understand what you do, how you do it and what good looks like, it’s now much harder to get that increase or make that move if you can’t do what you say you can do.”

As a regular speaker at events, business shows and recruitment fairs, Karl also asks her about her views on women in the industry “I think we haven’t actually been able to attract more women into the industry, the number of women hasn’t changed on my database.”

The podcast, which releases a new episode every week featuring guests with varying expertise in both recruitment and the cyber security, governance forensic and data world also covered the growing importance of having a work life balance and positive internal career progression, along with many other factors that both hiring companies and candidates should consider during the recruitment process and ensuring a good relationship between the two is secured.

The podcast can be found on Soundcloud, Tune In, Stitcher, Itunes and the Zero Hour Podcast website.

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