Bempong Talking Therapy Shortlisted as Finalists in Three Categories at London Chamber of Commerce and Industry's SME Awards

London, December 4, 2023 - Bempong Talking Therapy, a pioneer in culturally conscious mental health services, is proud to announce its shortlisting in three categories at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (LCCI) esteemed SME Awards. The event is scheduled for February 8, 2024. The categories include SSE Energy Solutions Best New Business, City of London Chamber Award, and Zipcar Businessperson of the Year.

The LCCI, a pivotal player in London's business sector, is renowned for advocating and supporting its members in key policy debates, promoting London as a premier city for business. With 140 years of experience and a membership of 7,000 businesses across diverse industries and sectors, the LCCI is ideally placed to spot the rising stars in its region and foster international trade and business.

Says Founder Jarell Bempong, "Being shortlisted in not just one, but three categories by a body as influential as the LCCI speaks to the impact our mission to create a more inclusive, equitable mental health environment is having. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to revolutionising mental health care through a lens of cultural consciousness, intersectionality and diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion.”

The appeal of Bempong’s brand across multiple categories demonstrates Bempong Talking Therapy's versatility and excellence in providing exceptional mental health services. This achievement reflects their multifaceted impact on business, leadership, and innovation across multiple sectors. “Such recognition across several categories is a rare and prestigious accomplishment that highlights their comprehensive impact and recognition in mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion,” remarked a commentator.

The LCCI has hailed the SME Awards as one of the most prestigious awards for SMEs, recognising the most dynamic, hardworking, and enterprising businesses in London. Said their spokesperson, "The cream of the crop of businesses operating in the capital end up being shortlisted as finalists in the LCCI SME awards."

Bempong Talking Therapy's recognition at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry's SME Awards signifies a significant boost in credibility and visibility. It aligns perfectly with the company's mission to revolutionise mental health care through cultural awareness. It advances their vision of being a leader in creating an inclusive and equitable mental health environment, fostering cultural empathy and systemic awareness.

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