389 Skincare Launches Alcoholic & Alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser for sensitive skins - Infused with organic natural floral water


Contact: Mr. Vasil Toshkov/ Brandlab Studios

Phone: (+44)7796527256

Email: info@389skincare.com

[London,UK,29th,MAR 2020] — [389 Skincare is excited to announce the launch of 389 Hand Guard Gel, a hand sanitiser infused with organic floral water. (Alcohol & Alcohol-free versions available) Lovingly made in the heart of the Rose Valley in Bulgaria. Our wholly-owned organic farm uses traditional methods to extract and distil floral water from the most exquisite homegrown flowers and herbs.

“Our 389 Hand Guard hand sanitiser can disinfect and suppresses the growth of germs on your hands up to 12 hours. “

Please keep your hands clean and refreshed with 389 Hand Guard Gel, thanks to its surgical-grade antiseptic ingredient Chlorhexidine. Let the soothing floral tones relax and

rejuvenate your mind while the organic floral water deeply moisturises and

protect your skin.

389 Hand Guard Gel is designed to acts as a daily conditioning treatment for the hands. It moisturises and disinfects without leaving a greasy residue. To find out more and pick up your bottle today, visit www.389skincare.com.]

"389 Skincare is a prominent brand of skincare line featuring hand and facial cleansing products infused with organic floral water. At our wholly own organic farm in the heart of the Rose Valley, we are passionate about natural nourishing and healing ingredients. We meticulously developed our products to help you look to nature for all your skincare needs. Find out more at www.389skincare.com"


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Mr. Vasil Toshkov at (+44)7796527256, or email info@389skincare.com .

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