Self-published Doncaster Author Creates Unique Genre for Novel Trilogy

Retired mum of one, Leigh Oakley used her newly found free time to write an exciting trilogy of novels and discovered her writing had created a whole new genre.

‘A Love to Die For’ is a series of novels not for the faint hearted. With twists and turns on every page, Leigh set out to create a non-standardised story that doesn’t offer up a twee happy ending.

Celebrating her lifelong desire to publish her own book (let alone 3), Leigh believes she has created an entirely new and unique genre, that blends a love story, with a psychological thriller and a touch of the supernatural amongst other styles.

Born in South Yorkshire, Leigh enjoyed a successful career as a Police Officer before working in IT Logistics. Happily married to her wife, Leigh recently retired to help her daughter with childcare and now cares for her 2 grandchildren whenever she can. Not happy with labelling herself as retired, Leigh is now proud to call herself a writer and self-published author.

Retirement enabled Leigh to focus on her passion to write. Having previously enjoyed writing short stories and entering writing competitions – with some shortlisting and placing success. Leigh has written several pantomimes for her daughters Dance Academy, Street Beat and used the experience to hone her character crafting abilities. She recalls how pantomime writing is a real skill, commenting that, “writing scripts for children is tricky, you have to match dancing, and the children’s different age groups and abilities to the storyline, whilst also weaving in plenty of humour and slapstick for the adult audience. It’s quite a complex art.”

Having worked in a pressurised, highly technical role that involved intense project management and focus, Leigh now relishes the opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life and spend more time writing for pleasure. Having originally written the first story a few years ago, Leigh shared the manuscript with her niece who became a huge advocate for her writing career and encouraged her to pursue writing more formally.

Leigh revisited the first iteration of the story and made some adjustments. She tried and failed to seek guidance from publishing houses and ultimately pursued the self-publishing route. The initial story was too long, so Leigh split it into 2 books and the rest is history! Using the Amazon/Kindle self-publishing online platform, Leigh published the books and before long positive reviews rolled in. Leigh quickly sought feedback from her readers, who lobbied her to write a 3rd book.

Unanimous reviews demanded a follow-up, with many readers saying, “You can’t leave it there!”. Not one to disappoint, Leigh bowed to her audience and wrote book 3 to complete the trilogy.

Leigh is not a fan of predictable stories or the happy ever after style. She comments, “If you’re looking for an easy, obvious read I am probably not the author for you. My novels are anything but predictable!”.

The ‘A Love to Die For’ trilogy delves into the depths of human emotions and does not shy away from the darker side of human behaviour and its consequences. The characters and subjects range from light to dark and are anything but grey much like the skies above Filey where the series is set! Taking readers on a journey, the stories unfold at pace to keep you wanting more.

Delighted at the reaction to her books Leigh is already working on a new story and is considering putting together a compilation of her short stories.

If you are looking for stories that break from the norm, with a good volume of shock and surprise, then Leigh Oakley is an author you need to follow. The series includes three parts – Troubled Minds, Tortured Hearts and Restless Souls.

Having undertaken a recent revamp to relaunch the trilogy, Leigh worked with local designer Abby Bromley to re-work the book covers. The new covers are more reflective of the stories and tie the trilogy together. Abby used her graphic design talents to visualise the depth of the story, using colours and imagery to reflect the haunting nature of the books.

A Love to Die For is available to purchase via Amazon online. You can buy the books separately or as a bundle and subscribe to follow Leigh via the platform and across her social media channels to ensure you don’t miss out on future publications.

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