Exercise.co.uk Launches New Website Today To Help People Keep Fit

Exercise.co.uk, one of the UK's leading home fitness retailers, is launching a new educational and shopping website today to help people get and keep fit. The new and refreshed hybrid site is a split between a learning area, with a variety of fitness topics, and a retail website. A 'mobile first' design has been adopted to make the site streamlined and the content accessible across all devices. Using the learning area to guide you through keeping fit at home has been designed to help anyone who struggles to make time for exercise or doesn't know how.

For anyone who's looking to get in shape, keep fit, build muscle or improve their general health this New Year, Exercise.co.uk will have over 100 articles with workouts, exercises and tips to guide you on your way. A new article will be published daily with the intention to help keep you motivated and progressing with your training. All of the content will be free of charge to help support the public lead healthier lifestyles.

"We're thrilled and beyond excited to launch Exercise, we can't wait to see the impact it has on people's lifestyles," enthused Ben Owst, Head of Creative. "Every element of the site is designed to be as easy to use, navigate and interact as possible."

Shopping on the site also takes fitness goals into consideration. The website allows you to navigate by your goal and tailors relevant products specific to your needs. To keep in shape this New Year we encourage you to visit Exercise.co.uk to have a read through the comprehensive learning area and find the right equipment to reach your goals and find your feel good.

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About Exercise.co.uk

Exercise.co.uk help people get and keep fit at home, specialising in a wide range of home fitness equipment from leading brands and supporting it with an educational learning area. Realising that people struggle to make time to exercise and don't know how to, we are helping to make exercise convenient and guiding people how to keep in shape correctly. We're using our 20 years experience in fitness to help make a difference, our strong and long lasting relationships with manufacturers means that we're able to bring highly effective and affordable fitness equipment to everyone. With offices around the globe, we're able to have a far reaching impact with our customers. To get in touch with us, please send an email to hello@exercise.co.uk