North West London Business Owner #Asblackaslove - demonstrates the reason African Fashion is in demand.

Leading tailor, seamstress and machinist Akua Ofosuhene elevates the conversation of the commercialisation of African print in the western fashion industry and returns to the artistry of tailoring through her customised designs and bespoke pieces with her company As Black As Love.

The strength of identity as a Ghanaian Woman, combined with her 35 years of experience as a tailor, has led her to become a principal designer of choice for many Actors, Actresses, Influencers and Entrepreneurs. She is also sought out by those with an ethical, ecological, conscious shopper mentality, who are looking for long-term, sustainable items.

Her knowledge around the heritage of fabric, combined with precision as a seamstress, means that each client, receives not just an outfit, but a piece of history suitable for an exhibition in the Albert and Victoria Museum, United Kingdom.

Based in North West London, Akua Ofosuhene stated:

“Every industry has a minimal number of people who are known and accepted as the cream of the crop. However, I am unapologetic about the wealth of experience and knowledge I have developed over the years, and African print must be understood as a global art and industry encompassing Asia, Europe and Africa.

And I hope that our indigenous, handwoven ancestral cloths be commercialised through fashion”.

Ofosuhene continues:

“I see fashion like any other form of art, which needs to stand the test of time. Each piece needs to communicate legacy, personality but also importantly craftsmanship, for me, it is not about disposable fashion, it is about creating pieces worthy of inheritance.”

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