International Music Day: 7 Moments from This Week in Music History that Rocked the World

This Friday, the 1st October, is International Music Day, an annual event taking place since 1975. The day was founded by celebrated violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin and backed by UNESCO. Back in 1975, International Music Day was organised by the International Music Council to promote and celebrate the contribution of music to our culture and champion music diversity across the globe through concerts, lectures, events and exhibitions.

Today International Music Day is celebrated in 150 countries through various music events, such as concerts, festivals and talent shows across the globe, where people shine a light on one passion they have in common, music.

To mark the event, leading musical instrument insurer musicGuard has picked seven ‘on this day’ moments in music history that happened this very week.

What Happened This Week in Music?

How could you possibly condense a celebration of music into one day? At musicGuard, we believe that a day just isn’t enough time, so we’ve put together a selection of moments that rocked the music world this week in history.

Head of Marketing at musicGuard, Alex Bennett said: “International Music Day is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate everything that is great about music. We’ve been protecting musicians of all kinds from brass bands, to DJs and it’s worth taking a look back and appreciating some of the most historic events across all genres of music.”

Here are the musicGuard personal picks:

27th September

Beach Boys make their TV debut on the Ed Sullivan show (1964)

28th September

Death of Miles Davis (1991)

29th September

Beatles first contract is sold for £365,000 (2015)

30th September

Launch of Radio 1 (1967)

1st October

Jimi Hendrix makes his first UK appearance (1966)

2nd October

Oasis release (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

3rd October

Queen’s We are the Champions found to be the catchiest song in history (2011).

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