NimNik Launches Its Yellow Car Seat Travel Bag In Australia

After the successful launch of the yellow car seat travel bag in USA and Europe, NimNik has now launched their car seat travel bag in Australia. The NimNik" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">">NimNik car seat travel bag stands out from the others in its category due to its highly visible yellow colour. While other car seat travel bags are hard to make out during the check in and check out process at the airports, the NimNik car seat travel bag is easily spotted on the conveyer belt.

NimNik customers like this car seat travel bag not only because of the bright yellow colour but also due to the high quality materials used in the making of the product. NimNik uses high grade ballistic nylon to manufacture this bag. This ensures that the bag withstands the harsh treatment is has to undergo during its checkin and check out process at the airports.

The car seat travel bag is already a best seller in UK and Europe. With the launch of their product in Amazon" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">">Amazon Australia, the Co-Founder of the company Katie said, "We are excited about our launch in Australia. We have been planning this for a while now and it has finally happened. Amazon has big plans in Australia and we wanted to get on the roller coaster ride early. We are sure our car seat travel bags will be liked equally by our customers in Australia as it has been liked in UK and USA."

The car seat travel bag comes with a name card which makes it easier to identify and confirm the ownership of the bag. When not in use the bag can be folded into its cover and measures approximately 17cm x 17cm x 6cm. This makes sure that the bag does not take much space when stored away.

The car" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">">car seat travel bag comes in one universal size and fits all car seats. The NimNik travel car seat cover shields the car seat from dirt, germs and moisture during airport handling & travel. Generously sized to fit most major infant & toddler seats like Jeep, Britax, Graco, Eddie Bauer, Uppababy, Chicco and Maxi Cosi.

Dual padded shoulder straps lighten your load, wear backpack style for hands-free convenience to make your life easier! Name card slot fits standard 3x5" index card. The Yellow colour of the car seat travel cover for babies with the card details makes your checked-in luggage easy to spot.

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