NimNik Launches Universal Stroller Travel Bag For New Parents

In their continuing goal to provide high-quality parenting supplies at cost-effective prices, NimNik, a family-run company, has just released a product that makes it easier to travel with your baby or toddler. NimNik has been selling their car seat travel bag for over 1 year, and because of input from customers, they have just released this stroller flight bag to make travel even easier.

NimNik's durable, tear-proof stroller travel bag also keeps your stroller clean and dry until you reach your destination, and protects against any other airport handling issues that may arise with a cheaper, lower-quality travel bag. It's created with extended use in mind; the bag is extremely durable, water resistant, and tear-proof, but also keeps your stroller scratch-free through the entire airplane trip. The bag has also started getting 5 star reviews on Amazon.

The bag is created of ballistic nylon, which is a high quality material that lets you stretch your dollar by ensuring that this bag will last as long as possible. NimNik also believes in the durability of their product so much that they offer a money-back or replacement guarantee on any defects.

Just like their Car Seat Travel Bag -, this is a durable, tear-proof nylon bag with a secure drawstring closure that easily carries strollers of all sizes and shapes. This airline stroller bag allows you to leave your child in the stroller until it's time to board, then easily collapse the stroller and place it in the bag to check just like any other luggage. Alternately, the sturdy bag comes equipped with strong, padded backpack straps, so you can carry it on your back and leave your hands free. It's also a bright yellow colour, which makes it extremely easy to notice on the airport carousel at your destination.

This stroller flight bag is made for regular use, and is a must for anyone who travels with their little one frequently. The versatility of the product makes it easy to use even if you have to replace your stroller, and it can be used through the lifespan of many different strollers without being worn out or tearing. It's brightly coloured, so you don't have to hunt through the airport carousel once you get off the airplane, and the comfortably padded backpack straps make it easy to carry your stroller so you don't have to worry about only having one free hand.

The new NimNik Stroller travel bag is available to buy on Amazon UK -

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NimNik is a family run business. NimNik is the manufacturer and retailer of high quality baby carriers, wraps and changing bags. With the passion for classic wooden toys and games, which the co-founders were so fond of as kids, NimNik also specialises in manufacturing classic wooden games and toys for kids. NimNik is dedicated to providing parenting supplies and child-focused items at a cost-effective price. The founders of the company, a husband and wife team, say they've "spent a small fortune on baby products and accessories." They then used that experience to start NimNik, named after their children, Nimi and Niki, to provide other parents with the supplies they need at a cost they can afford. NimNik ensures that their products are manufactured to very high quality and specifications. Customer service is at the core of all principles at NimNik. The company has already earned accolades for its exceptional customer service.