The anti-budget – Why British families can be time and cash richer with the launch of Onedox

Buckinghamshire entrepreneur and father of one David Sheridan has embarked on an ambitious mission to cut the amount of time British families spend managing household bills and save them hundreds of pounds, through a managed service which automatically centralises bills, compares tariffs and emails the most cost effective providers details directly to your mobile phone.

Motivated by his personal aversion to handling what he describes as “household admin” and the time-consuming task of holding individual sets of log-in details for each bill’s online accounts, the entrepreneur has teamed with co-founders Hugh Nimmo Smith and Richard Lewis to create a solution. They have developed a more efficient way of managing household bills and ensuring families get value for money. All three Founders of Onedox met whilst working for a high-growth start-up within the mobile tech industry.

While price comparison sites are nothing new, Onedox goes a step further by creating a ‘home’ for household bills which securely and automatically collects consumer’s bills and statements and lets them know when they need to take any action to save money. Launching on October 21st and available nationwide, customers can sign up to the free service which even alerts its members when their car tax or MOT is due for renewal.

With a mighty vision to become the UK’s standard means for people to manage their home bills and save on expenditure, the entrepreneurial trio have been developing and honing the launch for over a year.

“The interim Competition and Markets Authority report of July 2015 shows that in the UK energy sector alone, 70% of consumers are overpaying by £160 per year because they are automatically moved on to more expensive tariffs once their initial contracts run out.“ said Founder David Sheridan.

“Onedox works on behalf of consumers to identify when this type of activity takes place and to provide them with a simple means of ensuring ongoing value for money across all types of household bills.”

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About Onedox

Looking after your household bills is a pain. They cost you a lot more time and money than they should. Onedox securely and automatically collects your bills and works for you to ensure you never waste time or money on them again. Onedox is a free, secure service that enables you to take control of your household bills. It provides you with a clear, single view of your important household account and bill information across gas, electricity, TV, Internet, landline, mobile, MOT and road tax. It enables you to ensure your household accounts are in good health and that you are always getting value for money.