Children and Young People’s wellbeing and mental health has to be priority during Covid -19

Virtual fundraiser to raise awareness for the wellbeing and mental health of young people

26. May.2020 - Achievement for All is launching a virtual fundraiser on the 1.June.2020 to raise awareness for young people's mental health and wellbeing during Covid 19. AFA are calling out parents, carers, teaching assistants, teachers, school leaders and sponsors to act now, urging them to be actively involved in contributing to this monumental conversation, to positively impact their young persons’ future. In a never before virtual gathering, they want to involve all affected parties to have their say on what is important and how it needs to happen. The time to act is now.

Achievement For All have created programmes to support wellbeing and mental health for young people for nearly a decade and with Covid 19, this conversation has now come to the forefront. As a leading charitable organisation they want to ensure that this topic is a priority, with this conversation staying at the top of the agenda for schools globally. To emphasise this important cause, they have set in motion their new fundraising campaign “Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Learning” . The fund will help create bespoke covid 19 improvement programmes to run alongside their already successful “Achieving Wellbeing Programme” and “Coach Led Achieving Wellbeing Programme”.

Integrating children and young people back into education will be a monumental challenge

With schools struggling with providing online support and dealing with challenges associated with Covid 19, they do not have the resources to create an extensive programme to help young people during this anxious and stressful period. The schools can now opt into AFA’s wellbeing programmes, expert coaches and online resources that have already been successful and shown tremendous results on how emotional wellbeing impacts achievement and success for students. These programmes have been rolled out in different cities in the UK and internationally and the organisation are keen to offer these programmes to the wider schools community to play their part during this difficult time.

These programmes help the education community to understand what they can do to create an inclusive learning environment that supports and nurtures the highest possible levels of emotional wellbeing, and thus progress and achieve.

“Working with Achievement for All has enabled St Mary's to develop and implement an enhanced structure, working across the whole school community from TA's to governors, enabling myself as a head teacher to build on previous work to develop opportunities for emotional well-being with a justification that is evidence based, but recognises the importance and uniqueness of place. The impact of such an approach is already visible in outcomes for children” said Gary Hilton, Headteacher at Berwick St Mary's CE School.

The Coach Led Wellbeing Programme covers five core modules:

1- Emotional Wellbeing and Core Strength - explores the critical relationship between emotional wellbeing and mental health, and the impact these two factors can have on learning and personal development. The Achievement for All concept of core strength is also introduced, how it is central to resilience and personal effectiveness, and its importance in developing lifelong learning capacity in children and young people.

2 - Making Sense of Behaviours - gives education professionals a deeper insight into childhood trauma, neglect, attachment issues and the impact these have on the observed behaviours of children and young people.

3 - In the Classroom - offers a rich seam of developmental tools, strategies and approaches aimed at transforming the culture and climate of the whole school. It also explores new ways of developing inclusive classroom practice and improving behaviour.

4 - Therapeutic Interventions - includes tools to build cognition, mindfulness meditations and other emotional wellbeing and mental health strategies, that can be considered as "next steps" on the achievement through wellbeing journey.

5 - Learning in Family Teams - is dedicated to looked after and previously looked after children and care leavers and supports Teachers and key staff to identify and dismantle barriers to progress and work more effectively with other professionals including Virtual Schools.

The modules are supported by access to their online professional development portal “The Bubble” to support Teachers and the wider educational community.

Achievement for All has worked with over 5000 schools globally to raise wellbeing and attainment

Achievement for All has been supporting schools globally to embed wellbeing within their curriculum delivery. Working in partnership with Dwight School in Seoul, South Korea, they have created a framework for achievement and wellbeing by reviewing how online learning impacts on the lives of staff and students with focus on importance to access to technology during this time of isolation and how parent and carers wellbeing plays a huge part in their child’s learning.

Achievement for All is working on a number of other esteemed projects such as the partnership with Microsoft on the Immersive Reader Project and with the European Union on Digital Literacy and Cyber bullying for migrant children.

Achievement for All is a leading not-for-profit organisation that works in partnership with early years settings, schools and colleges to improve outcomes for all children and young people. AFA Education’s proven ability to accelerate academic progress closes the gap for all ages and stages, regardless of their background, challenge or need. AFA Education offers coaching programmes, step up reviews and regional cpd events to improve achievement and empower students and educators across the country.


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