Confessions of ex Punch BDM series launched by Forum of British Pubs

Pubs lobby organisation, the Forum of British Pubs, has today commenced the broadcast of a series of interviews with ex Punch Business Development Manager, Matthew Blackwood, positioned at helping pub tenants understand the perspective and approach of the PubCo’s.

The weekly series comprises five interviews between co-founder and long term pub campaigner Dave Mountford, and Matthew Blackwood commencing with a look at tenant recruitment.

Discussing the tactics that the PubCo’s employ to entice the recruitment of the ‘right’ tenants, and the avoidance of those they don’t see as ‘ideal’, the initial interview councils applicants with limited cashflow of the financial risks, but takes with a pinch of salt the Punch Pubs claim that joining the SAS is easier than getting a tenancy with Punch.

The series is being aired on YouTube, being accesses through the Forum of British Pubs website,, and the direct link to the interview is:

Forum of British Pubs co-founder, Dave Mountford said, ‘This is the first time that one of the main PubCos’ Business Development Managers has opened up on the practices of their employers. The series not only confirms the approach to several of the issues that we, at the Forum of British Pubs, have been campaigning about, but also provides a valuable insight into the key considerations of a tenancy.’

Future interviews will cover Rent Assessments, Rental agreements, Dilapidations and how Punch views The Pubs Code.

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