New service for healthy money management for millennials

Introducing the Money Medics

Money Medics are a new infotainment platform that aims to educate millennials on all aspects of personal finance, from the first-hand experience of its founders Ashley, Eve & Nick.

Whilst fintech has seen huge innovation in the last decade, personal finance advice has been slow to adapt to cater for Gen Z. The much-needed service, pitted as the Martin Lewis for millennials, is bridging the advice gap and set to disrupt how Brits learn crucial financial advice via their own YouTube and Instagram channels.

From sharing their own personal stories such as “How I bought my house on an £18k salary” to “How I saved £1k a month” to ongoing lifestyle advice such as 50% off soft launch eating-out guides, to why you should ask your future partner about their credit score. Money Medics brings an edgy and unique personal approach that connects and engages audiences with important financial guidance

The founders address all the areas of personal finance you can think of; from the absolute basics of budgeting to the more complex topics of, couple money-management, wealth planning, gender pay gap and the most recently controversial ethnicity pay gap. They have already started catching the attention of the UK Fintech community as the go-to platform for driving awareness of new financial service providers entering the UK market.

Eve Obasuyi, co-founder of Money Medics comments: “All of our advice is from our own first-hand experience and from being self-taught in finance. We noticed a huge gap in the market for a hub to host crucial financial information that relates to people like us. All we see are media reports that millennials can’t afford to get on the housing ladder, and we are testament to the fact, that this just isn’t true.”

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About Money Medics:

Ashley, Eve and Nicholas are the founders of Money Medics, a Money management platform for millennials. Established in 2018, just after they each bought their own homes, they are the go-to platform for empowering millennials with tools to make better financial decisions.

They share tips and hacks in a fun and engaging manner by integrating finances with their lifestyle.

Eve and Nicholas are engaged, often sharing money matters that crop up in a relationship. Whilst Ashley and Nicholas are siblings who discuss how their childhoods have impacted their views on money. Ashley and Eve regularly team up together to address topics focusing on women and their relationship with money.

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