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On the 12th August, MP Helen Morgan attended the Oswestry office of local in-home care provider, Visiting Angels. Determined to take an active role in positively reforming care provision in the area, Helen and directors of Visiting Angels North Shropshire, Nicky Sealey and Mark Goodall, sat down to discuss issues that have been identified by the team since launching in March this year.

One of the main issues identified surrounds hospital discharges, with several Visiting Angels clients needing a complete reassessment for care following their release from hospital as single carer provision, but in fact needing double-handed support. Through discussing current sector-wide issues with Helen, Nicky, Mark and their team at Visiting Angels hope to continue to improve communication and relieve pressure on the NHS. And with the ultimate aim of eliminating issues surrounding bed blocking and delayed hospital releases, the in-home care provider is taking an active lead in positively reforming the industry for both care staff and those in need.

“It was a privilege to spend time with the Visiting Angels team and learn more about the challenges care providers face in North Shropshire,” said Helen. “Carers do fantastic work every day of the year and deserve to be celebrated. We all want our loved ones to be looked after in times of need and yet carers are often not appreciated enough. I’m grateful to the staff in Oswestry for giving up their time to meet with me and I’m looking forward to banging the drum for carers in Parliament when it sits again from September.”

Continuing to trailblaze in the industry by addressing other issues such as poor pay terms and heightening the wellbeing of her staff as much as her clients, Nicky and Mark discussed what steps can be taken to improve conditions within the sector to improve the universal delivery of care.

“It was important to us that we took this opportunity to discuss pay and how our Angels – as well as in-home carers everywhere - should be recognised as care professionals, as we’re also front-line staff but often without the recognition of those in the NHS,” explained Nicky. “It was great to be able provide details on Visiting Angels’ ‘carer-centric’ approach and what this entails as we look after our team and how they go about their daily roles. Visiting Angels is providing a free vehicle check and valet to take some of the pressure off our carers. However, despite our best efforts in financially supporting our Angels, the fuel and cost-of-living crisis have had an impact and some of our team is struggling financially due to childcare and the cost of running their cars.”

Visiting Angels’ carer-centric approach sets them apart from other companies in the home-care sector. Through both financial rewards and opportunities for career development, Nicky and Mark have been able to make her Visiting Angels team feel the value and respect that they deserve. By continuing to endeavour to address industry-wide issues within the community, Nicky’s team of Visiting Angels now delivers 300 hours of care every week.

Visiting Angels currently looks after 25 clients with unique needs across Oswestry and the surrounding areas. Working alongside the clinical commissioning groups to assist with end-of-life clients, Shropshire Council and supporting their own private clients, Visiting Angels has become the go-to care provider in the area as its dedicated, expert team provides crucial care to those in need, all in the comfort of their own homes. The team has expanded rapidly over the last five months, currently employing 15 carers and actively seeking to reach more communities around North Shropshire.

“To be able to consistently provide the high level of care that we are overseeing, we require the right set of people through our doors. Our team is amazing, they go above and beyond everyday and just give so much to better the lives of others. But now we aren’t clapping for carers, it’s more important than ever for responsible, credible care providers to take action and demonstrate their commitment to raising the standards of the care sector for its staff as well as clients,” added Nicky.

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For more information or to speak to Nicky Sealey directly, contact Harry Myers on 07519 963513 or email
Images: Visiting Angels North Shropshire with Helen Morgan and Helen ringing the ‘carer-centric bell’

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In 2017, the Visiting Angels brand came to the UK under the expert leadership of Dan Archer. A franchise veteran and passionate ambassador for quality care at home, Dan launched the first UK office in October 2017. In less than 12 months, Visiting Angels Sheffield proved to be one of our most successful new franchises. Ever. Dan and his team were awarded ‘Best International Office’ at our 2018 Annual Conference in recognition of their exceptional performance and commitment to the Visiting Angels UK mission. Most care businesses, and in turn, most care franchises, will tell you that they put their clients first. And whilst we don’t disagree with the sentiment, we take a slightly different view on how to achieve it. We believe that to truly be successful in this pursuit, and to change the future of social care in the UK, we must actually put our carers at the heart of the business. For without them, there is no business. We describe this approach as "carer-centric".

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