Join the fight against plastic pollution with new herbal shampoo bars from Bunch!

Did you know that plastic accumulating in our oceans has a direct and deadly effect on wildlife, and at the current rates, plastic is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050?

Did you know that the UK collectively throw away 520 million shampoo bottles every year?

We all have our part to play in preventing plastic pollution from destroying our oceans and there is no better time than during World Ocean Week, to join the plastic-free revolution!

Bunch Skincare and Haircare have a brand new range of plastic-free, zero-waste herbal shampoo bars to help with the transition to a plastic-free, zero-waste lifestyle. Just in time for plastic-free July.

There are three shampoo bars to choose from:

Restore - Shampoo Bar for dry hair

Soothe - Shampoo Bar - Fragrance-free, for sensitive scalp

Balance - Solid Shampoo Bar for oily hair

Each product is vegan, formulated with gentle cleansing ingredients and contains a high percentage of beneficial herbs, hair-loving vitamins, vegan silk, essential and botanical oils for clean, shiny, voluminous, soft and easy to manage hair. 

In line with other Bunch Skincare and Haircare products, shampoo bars are formulated with minimum ingredients, are free-from colourants and packed in plastic-free containers made from paper.

Having great-looking, healthy hair and caring for the planet never been easier thanks to Bunch soap-free, sustainable, pH-balanced shampoo bars.

'As a keen SCUBA diver, I experienced first hand how plastic damages our oceans and wanted to play my part in reducing plastic waste. Each shampoo bar can replace two 250ml bottles of regular shampoo, reducing plastic pollution. With 520 million shampoo bottles being thrown away in the UK alone every year, switching to zero-waste shampoo bars is a great place to start reducing reliance on plastic containers, as reducing is much better than recycling. ' Gosia, the owner of Bunch Skincare explains.

Other plastic-free products available from Bunch are: Revitalise Dry Shampoo (recently shortlisted for the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2021, fragrance-free version available) and Cleanse Powder Face Wash, fragrance-free.

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