A new vegan dish has made it to the table on Lasagneria's menu!

A new vegan dish has made it to the table on Lasagneria's menu!

With more people than ever choosing to become vegan, Lasagneria is delighted to offer a healthy, exciting, vegan-friendly addition to their menu that is guaranteed to make mouths water and delight any vegan foodie.

Veganism is a growing movement across the world, and following a vegan diet is beneficial in many ways. Whilst also helping you to absorb lots of rich, essential nutrients through plant-based ingredients, a vegan diet promotes healthy hormone and energy levels within the body. It is also a lifestyle that is friendlier to your body as you avoid processed, harmful foods that are hard to digest. Being vegan and eliminating your intake of meat and animal by-products is thought to help reduce migraines and aid weight loss, and has been praised by many on the diet as having a positive impact on body and mind.

A spokesperson for Lasagneria said, "Satisfying our customers' taste buds is Lasagneria's culinary mission, and since many people across the country are now choosing to follow a vegan diet, we didn't want them to miss out on some of the finest dishes. Whatever a person's reason for following a vegan diet, at Lasagneria we make it our aim to always commit to creating new recipes to suit the needs of all our diners! We have created a healthy, vegan alternative to the classic lasagna that still retains its rich yet wholesome, creamy flavour because we believe that being vegan does not mean having to compromise on your favourite foods."

Lasgneria's new, completely vegan lasagna promises to be just as good as the Italian dish we know and love, except with healthier, plant-based ingredients so that everyone is catered to.

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