Red DAO leads the Pre-Seed fundraising round for Augmented Reality Company, CYBR. Augmented reality company CYBR Magazine has completed a pre-seed fundraising round led by Red DAO and counting Kanosei

Augmented reality company CYBR Magazine has completed a pre-seed fundraising round led by Red DAO and counting Kanosei Ventures, Megan Kaspar of Magnetic Capital and Stefano Rosso as investors.

The augmented reality-enabled magazine, which merges both physical and digital worlds, has previously created covers with the likes of Grimes, RTFKT, Teflon Sega and Isabelle Boemeke, with each cover coming to life digitally in 3D. CYBR is the magazine of the future, today. A publication that truly manages to merge digital experience with tangible print in an exciting and accessible way.

Red DAO is one of the largest Decentralised Autonomous organisations in the industry, focusing solely on digital fashion, with a mission to bring together members interested in supporting the growing digital fashion ecosystem.

“As RED, we are always on the lookout for founders who are building at the bleeding edge of digital fashion. The vision of CYBR is one we, as a DAO, believe in deeply as it represents a change in how publishers can reach their audiences by leveraging new technology. CYBR is leading the way for publications of the future by brilliantly converging the worlds of editorial, digital fashion, and bespoke AR experiences. The magazines of tomorrow will evolve the media industry at large, and CYBR is well positioned to take up the mantle and expand on the medium.”

With this investment, CYBR will continue to cement its place as an augmented reality leader through its phygital magazine and apparel, alongside NFT drops and NFT magazine subscriptions. Furthermore, In partnership with Red DAO, the brand will upgrade and increase its offering in the digital fashion industry, including in magazine digital fashion try-ons, AR-enabled physical collections, wearables and digital fashion drops.

CYBR founder, James Joseph’s vision, is cemented around the future of augmented reality:

“At CYBR, we are first and foremost an augmented reality company, revolutionising magazines and fashion for the future. With interactive AR experiences, digital try-ons, and phygital products, all part of our ecosystem. I believe augmented reality is our future, as we build a digital layer on top of our own reality instead of replacing it.

In July, musician Teflon Sega debuted his new single ‘RAIN’ on the cover of CYBR Magazine, with a 3D augmented reality experience only accessible to CYBR readers through scanning the magazine with a smartphone. It is experiences like these that CYBR believes are the future of media.”

“I am excited to join CYBR, an amazing and ultra-innovative company portraying the future of web3 and lifestyle. I believe we will write many pages of history in this new space together." Stefano Rosso

Notes to Editors

Editors Notes:

● Start-up company leading the way towards a new media future backed by recognised industry leaders.

● Brand and community of the future boasting followers and community figures such as Grimes, Rem D. Koolhaas, SpaceX and Apple engineers and more.

● Pioneer and OG of web3 since 2018

● Augmented Reality leader of phygital products, with advanced 3D experiences created in-house.

CYBR was founded by James Joseph and is an AR company merging the physical and digital worlds through phygital products. The first of those is an augmented reality-enabled magazine that focuses on futurism and tech culture as if Hypebeast and Wired were two asteroids destined for collision. Covering everything from space exploration, 3D printing, digital fashion, NFT art to even fusion energy. With collaborations with Grimes, Kimbal Musk, Teflon Sega, RTFKT, Isabelle Boemeke, Fnatic and more. CYBR continues its expansion into digital fashion with metaverse-ready wearables, augmented reality physical apparel, and even A.I.-designed clothing continues.

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